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I drove back to our place, I wanted to have some rest. My rooney mara nude ass pussy was waiting for me, she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. I told her that I am ass tired but she insisted, we finished it very fast then I went to sleep. A look at the clock and it was and I thought well maybe she was just talking shit teasing me and she will talk about when she gets home while she fucks my ass.

Or maybe whoever was supposed to show chickened out and I was going to be left sitting here horny as shit and disappointed. Then I saw Matt's car approaching and I knew I was going to get fucked who my hot little ass by my wife's boyfriend.

I have to admit I was little scared because he was hung pretty well and I had seen how long, hard and deep he had pounded her pussy on several occasions and I didn't know if my big bear fuck boy could take that or not. By now he had pulled in our driveway and I realized I was still naked jerking my cock and rubbing my hot ass and needed to throw something on to go to the door.

I quickly put on a pair of shorts and a tank top and heard the doorbell ring! I still had lube on my cock and left hand and thought man I am advertising if this is just a tease but opened have door.

Matt followed me up the stairs and as soon as I got into the bedroom I been out of my shorts and tank top and got on the bed on all fours so fucked could see my ass in the air and said "this is stories needs fucked! I told him I wanted to suck his dick before he fucked me and dropped down on my knees as he stood over me looking down and began to suck his already hard cock.

He slid the head in and I pulled away and he pulled me back and told me to relax take it easy and trust him that he would not hurt me. I tried to relax and he put some more lube on his cock and my hot hole and slid that big hard dick back in my hot ass and eased it a little deeper and then would stop, then a little deeper and stop then push it in and out at that depth a few times and then a little deeper again and so on until he told me he was all the way in!

He then wifes "is this what you want?

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He was desperate and horny, she was 45 younger. I met the man when I went to pick up Nora at work. Quickly I knew his insane desires and probably he understood my passive attitude. We started to socialize with him, in one occasion we went with him to a bar.

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That night nothing happened. We were very excited. On the phone I just said to him to come without delay, he understood. He came at am, he was nervous and we sexy naked hot bleach tense and anxious.

Then he pulled out. He left the apartment. It felt like my cock was spurting quarts of cum into her ass! She was heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

I probably said things that would be embarrassing. Jessica and I fell into a routine of having anal sex in the shower each morning. She loved it standing up like that. She said it made her think that I was taking her in the restroom at work.

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Tags: sexgroupassvirginfirsttime. Anal Sep 16, Are you turning bi-sexual or lesbian? I just appreciate a good looking woman. Is this something new? After ten years you tell me this? I guess so.


And she agreed? It wastes a lot of time. I think most if not all men do. I love a big one, and I love to be throat-fucked. Do you always have that much cum? I assumed that she also had a great time. You did it good. I always thought it was nasty.

Ricky was speechless, he recognized that she was a very good looking woman for her age, she had great legs, a good set of tits from what he could see but she was slightly older than his mother.

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She quickly slipped off her clothes and when he saw her slim trim body and the fact that her tits were reasonably perky he began to get a big hard on. Of khalifa porn, she was delighted when he took off his clothes and she saw his dick sticking up in the air. He was not quite expecting that so early in the process and he almost fell backward as she started to caress his balls and slide up and down his long thick cock.

It felt really good, in fact, he thought she was better at it than his girlfriend. When she was ready to came out in a sexy nightie that was very sheer, showing off her smooth, bald pussy and hard nipples. He couldn't take his eyes off her as I introduced them.

I explained to her that we had agreed I would let them start without me so he could be more comfortable. She said OK and I felt my cock harden as I watched my wife lead this black man she had met only minutes earlier into our bedroom to have sex. My head was spinning as she closed the door and locked it!

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I grabbed a chair from the kitchen and a bottle of lotion from the bathroom took my clothes off and sat outside the door so I could hear the sounds of my wife and a black stranger having sex! At first I couldn't hear anything but then I heard him say "Fuck! I knew she was sucking his black cock and I wished I could see it but it was quite exciting being locked out and having to listen to them.

Soon I heard the bed start to move and I knew he had his black cock in my wife's pussy. She was starting to moan quietly as the bed started squeaking faster. Her kascha porn star got louder and I knew she would soon be cumming on his cock. Her orgasms are amazing and he yelled Fuck Yes! Cum on my cock, baby! I heard her moan "I am.

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I'm cumming on your cock! As her climax subsided things got quiet for a minute then I heard him tell her to get on top and ride him.

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It wasn't long till I heard the bed start squeaking again. As it got louder and faster I knew she was grinding back and forth on him. Once she starts doing that she cums quick and this was no exception.

Her second orgasm was every bit as intense as the first. She must have kept riding and soon had her 3rd and 4th orgasms.