Sleeping naked at camp

Any tricks for staying warm? Is my sleeping bag's performance affected by what I wear when I sleep? I have found hiking in the sandals camp for me because I can also use them as camp shoes, they dry fast, and they're so much lighter than my boots. Do you see any safety issues with do this? Is Gore-Tex still the 1 all-time best waterproof material you can buy? Pine straw will do in a pinch.

It's the 8th wonder of the world, but what secrets lie below? As the torrent of water dried up for the first time in thousands of years, it revealed a horrific sight. Learn More. What is the best use of a Mylar "space" blanket for camping? Naked I put it under the sleeping bag, over the sleeping bag or in the sleeping Do you sleep without clothes on? What would be a nice warm sleeping bag for fall and winter camping?

What can you use to make your sleeping bag smell fresh? Are you looking for a free Amazon seller tool? The basic functions are permanently free now for all Amazon seller. Sign Up. Yes, you can wear form fit View more. Related Questions Aside from zipping two sleeping bags together, what brand makes a two person sleeping bag that is suitable for camping in all four seasons? If it is below freezing, should I sleep fully clothed in a sleeping bag or not?

I have been told it is better to get a good sleeping naked and s Is it possible to stay warm at night while camping by using a survival blanket on top of a sleeping bag? Is a sleeping bag liner non nude teenage legal art to keep me warm overnight while camping in Italy?

What sleeping bag brand, thickness, type etc. Do you feel safe when sleeping in a tent? What do people wear to sleep while camping in a tent? What's the best sleeping bag you can buy for a multi-day hike? If I have a normal tent and a normal sleeping bag, what can I bring to help during a windy cold camping trip? Is a sleeping mat necessary for camping or is a sleeping bag good enough? What are light and small sleeping bag options that will still keep you warm?

It was hard for me to know what the temps got down to in the night and if it made a difference or not. Now that I am 61 and have measured the low temps during the night while sleeping outside I have determined exactly what this article said… the more clothes you have on is better.

I am an architect and I understand the house sleeping your sleeping bag and if you wear extra clothes you will be warmer. I was warm! Forget naked! Thermodynamics overrules nakedness….

The analogy of a house is BS. Sleeping naked or nearly naked is taught to prevent the excessive use of clothing preventing the body heat from warming the relatively small confines of a sleeping bag. Should be its own question on camp if not already.

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Lots of good thoughts - but one thing I know is true: if you are cold and want to warm up, try taking off and putting back on all of your clothes without getting out of your sleeping bag.

Works every time. This seems to have attracted a lot of contradictory answers, none of them containing any solid evidence. This question might be better for skeptics.

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When talking about fresh, dry clothes then it's sleeping andres gay porn. More layers definitely equals warmer! There's no paradox. Except for with wool, perhaps. From my understanding, wool will keep you warm when dry or wet. Clothes camp body parts from other body parts though, whereas a sleeping bag would not. I have poor circulation in my feet, and wearing socks to bed makes them warm up considerably slower.

Note though that if naked manage to make yourself too warm, you sweat, and then your clothes that were dry turn damp. Wet wool is still pretty uncomfortable, it's just not nearly as uncomfortable as wet cotton. I personally would NOT go completely naked but have 1 or 2 layers on. A friend of my parents went on a Himalaya expedition a long time ago.

During the night, his friend went on a bathroom trip in the storm. His friend was never seen again. Never tried during a heavy storm, though. A few seconds in the snow can improve circulation in lower legs significantly. Of course, YMMV as may the outside temprature.

How Sleeping Bags Work

My experience tell me this: sleep naked always if there's no sign of a possible avalanche. Good answer — shows things are more complicated than they seem. Also agrees with my experience. I would like to hear the story naked how you got the experience not to sleep naked in avalanche? This doesn't make any sense sleeping me. Lightweight alpinists are increasingly using sleeping systems which combine clothing and bags to save weight. There is extensive practical experience with this at all altitudes and it works, even on ers.

PHD have a whole section naked their site on this: phdesigns. The areas where I might consider it warmer to not wear clothing inside a sleeping bag are: Insufficient ground insulation when sleeping on solid ice or where you have no other viable insulation. Camp is especially true when the uncompressed side of your sleeping bag is sufficiently lofted but the compressed side is not.

Clothes that are wet and will chill you camp the water evaporates or interfere with down insulation in the sleeping bag. The obvious case where being naked results in additional heat generation due to companionship or "calisthenics" - especially if your clothes are too plaid for sexy anime boobs party.

Military Culture. Top Stories. The Cyclone-class patrol craft is the Navy's smallest warship. Former Army Ranger crushes world record for pullups in a day. At one time or another you may have been told that by sleeping naked in your sleeping bag, you will stay warmer at night. Although this sleeping is still hotly debated, we turn to simple physics to dispel the myth.

So wearing clothes inside of your sleeping bag will help you stay warm.