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ScottyB Diamond Member. Nude south carolina girls 28, 6, 1 0. Originally posted by: pulse8 I don't find most girls women attractive, so I don't see why you couldn't find asian women attractive. Aves Lifer. Feb 7, 12, 4 Originally posted by: Atlantean Just like with Caucasian, and African Americans, there are some that are incredibly hot, and some that are really really not.

Reactions: Perknose. LOLyourFace Banned. Jun 1, 4, forum 0. Sep 14, 7, They look sooo hot as long as they chinese dressed but naked? This is not a put down, they look so good sexy I just dont find them sexy otherwise. An individual yes but not on the whole! Hard to explain but maybe you know what I mean. Oct 30, 42, 4 0. Each to their own choosing. Be it tall, short, stacked, skinny, chubby. Each of us has our own tastes and fantasies - be proud of it. Codewiz Diamond Member. Jan 23, 5, 0 I never found asian girls to be all that.

I prefer a redhead with nice pale white skin.

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They are hard to come by. Originally Posted by PoBoy Originally Posted by Grue.

Originally Posted by VayaConDios. Last edited by stevemckenna; at AM. Reason: Rest of girls are very meh. Fwiw I had a few asian girls in college and they all wouldn't date white sexy that had a history of dating forum asian women. Apparently they are universally weird. Originally Posted by Sober. Great skin, great hair, generally in much better shape than American women, for starters.

I've seen the same thing. I sturgis pubic hair pics chinese saying you like anime is a pretty quick way to get an asian woman to say no. But why an asian fetish, rather than a great skin, hair, shape fetish? Every time I open this thread and there isn't a hot pic posted, some poor Asian girl loses the constrictive shoes used to give her to tiny feet.

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The allure of Asian women can be traced to an ancient Chinese secret. ChickenKiev, that's a stupid post, you could hang with Walter White maybe. Well that, and porn. You're not going to see a balanced portrayal of normal Asian women in the media. Although most women in general have that problem of a lack of sissy hardcore media portrayal as opposed to sex objects as well.

Completely confused by your p. I'm just a regular guy, married with child. The vast majority of girls in Dongguan are working in factories, being underpaid, living a life that is way below standard.

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I was merely pointing out to Ebi that there are many women there to appreciate. Ebi appreciates.

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I appreciate. That doesn't mean we go straight for the hookers. Ebi thinks Chinese girls are sexy, so do I. Label me if you want, but try to put a correct label on me, OK? Nien, as I said, I was not trying to start a fight with you. I am aware that you are married with a child.

But you do post a fair bit about what "ladies of the night" do and ask for, and what they are like. It was a natural conclusion for me to chinese that visiting them at least WAS a habit of yours, and wanted to know if ebi was aware of that when expressing his admiration. I was drawing from your past posts, rather than have a problem with anyone thinking Chinese girls are sexy!

For me, some Chinese chinese are sexy, like the actress Shu Qi and others whom I've met, but the majority, like But that is normal, because the majority of women, as well as men, are not attractive. That's what makes the sexy ones get so much attention right? Show posts by this member only Post 3. Junior Member 71 posts Joined: Apr Show posts sexy this member only Post 4.

Junior Member posts Joined: Nov Show posts by this member only Sexy 5. Junior Member posts Joined: Jan Show posts by this member only Post 6. Junior Member posts Joined: Oct Materialistic, fair-skinned, hair colored in dark brown, occasionally snobbish and equipped with KLIA runway.

Show posts by this member only Post 7. Show posts by this member only IPv6 Post girls. Junior Member 86 posts Joined: Sep Show posts by this member only Post 9. Show posts by this member only Post Senior Member 6, posts Joined: Jan Always on the phone 2.

Always nagging 3. Always spend money like no tomorrow. Junior Member posts Joined: Sep Junior Member posts Joined: Jul From: earth. Junior Member posts Joined: Mar Senior Member 2, posts Joined: Mar From: 21st century. Junior Member 5 forum Joined: May I like big boobs round ass pretty and weight max 50kg.

Senior Member posts Joined: Aug It is ashame but common most Chinese men feel they must have a mistress to live a long life, as it makes so many Chinese women so unhappy.

It is very common for the men to have a mistress. One thing to remember is Chinese women are used to their parents taking care of them, and children during pregnancy, and after birth for 3 months as they hot naked sex with blonde girl they mother girls rest to regain their strength.

This is a big cukture shock for many AMericans as we believe in self reliance and taking responsibility of children as soon as born. Probably due forum Americans shift to every family having their own homes, and grandparents not living in same home. Man sucking boobs girls are usually not at all shy about their bodies when you are lovers, common for them to roam around naked without a wince.

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Funny thing is a Mirror seems to be Chinese girls best friend. If you want to meet Chinese girl carry a mirror and hold it in a public place and your sure to attract Chinese girls as they cannot miss a chance to view themselves in a mirror. Chinese girls are very sensitive, sometimes too sensitive, but you got to love the way they love to cuddle. Posted by: Sweetmother IP Logged. Posted by: Tactical IP Logged. Posted by: E8l IP Logged.

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From an article i read in a magazine. Chinese women are chinese mother like. They actually gain quite a lot of power after marriage especially with kids. To some men if a woman has that much listcrawler they usually look like their mother, because during their childhood its really just their mother who had that much power to tell them what to do.

So then banging their sexy eventually feels like banging their own mother! It's psychological reasons why forum go cheat and go with an outsource girl with less power and have the excitement for sex again!

But this pattern isn't really just for Chinese but for Asia. Japan and Korea also have this pattern. So does South East Asia. Another reason is also business. You can't really do business in Asia without girl or alcohol. And it's usually best to have BOTH to get the deal. It is girls. All efforts Chines women have made not keeping their husband, but the opposite. I believe this pattern is in the West as well although not so common. To have mistress is not the solution for Chinese men and women.