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What was it like to watch that in a room full of teen girls? C: Yesss. One of the girls had seen it already and would tease upcoming scenes and I kept telling her not to spoil it. I was very engrossed.

C: Exactly. E: That was a very romanticized version of virginity loss.

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But, you know, good for them. E: And like I mentioned before, the condom part was a very responsible touch on the part of the filmmakers. C: You were really into the game scenes, which is what I love about sports and sports-ish movies. That meta intensity. E: Oh my god, the game scenes were so well shot.

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The scene that was her POV, when you hear her inner monologue: "You got this. You got this, girl. There was no slow build to The Championship; she had good and bad things happen scene games, and so did he. It really painted how the game must feel to people who play it for years and years. E: Interesting.

I think fantasy comes in when the movie shows us somebody like Q realizing basketball he needs saving. They kind of glossed over that in the end. Sex in conclusion, after my millionth time viewing, I still love it. I loved it, too. Over the years, Bythewood has slowly, deliberately built a filmography that gives us the unexpected while remaining grounded in the real. The same could also be said for Beyond the Lightswhich, despite being a colorful hip-hop romance, also delves into the work lives of its and, bringing up issues of moral compromise, political ambition, hypersexualization in music, and a celebrity culture run amok.

Love spoke to us recently at length about her new film, criticizing the music industry, creating great chemistry between actors, and the secrets to shooting a good love scene. It hurts every time I hear that. And then I came back to it in hot sexy teenage girl squirting in their panties, and wrote it for two years before going out and trying to sell it.

I was excited about it. And I went out with it … and got crickets! Which was shocking. Only one studio stepped up to option it.

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Then I thought I wanted a musical artist for the lead. They had actors at the center, so I started thinking that that was probably the better way to go.

The Rose was also a huge influence on this film as well; Bette Midler was a singer, but she also developed into a really good actress. Is that how you found Gugu Mbatha-Raw? I started auditioning, and Gugu came in through the door and changed everything. This was before Belle.

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She was an unknown. As she started auditioning, I saw the film while she was talking. Something I could build on? She has a background in musical theater, and she could sing. So they let the option go, and the film was dead for a moment, which was scary. Then we created an eight-minute presentation to showcase Gugu and give the vibe of the film, and we hooked up with another producer, Stephanie Allain.

Went back to every studio, and … same thing!

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It got pornoxxn, though. So we thought it was dead again. But then we decided to shoot this independently. I thought, What am I whining about? Stop asking for permission.

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They had seen the presentation. He scores seven straight points.

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The score stays close. It is a sexually-charged battle of wills -- Quincy pulls off his sweat-soaked shirt. Their bodies collide as they wrestle for the ball. Monica yanks off her jersey in frustration. Her ass bumps into his hips as she backs him in.

Flashback Film Friends: Rewatching the Emo Classic Love & Basketball

Her hands slide across his chest as she guards him Finally, the score hits nine, nine. Monica slowly walks to the top of the key. She tosses Quincy the ball. Quincy tosses the ball back, drops low on defense. Monica drives around him. Monica can't believe it. Quincy grabs the loose ball and clears it. This film was written and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood. The major actors who starred in this film are Sanaa Lathan, and Omar Epps.

Their performance throughout the whole movie was simply impeccable. A love story that and person growing up can relate to. The storyline was great and very much believable, almost like you forgot you were watching a film.

In chronological order this film shows the first day a and girl named Monica Wright played by Sanaa Lathan and her family moving to her new home in a Los Angeles, California neighborhood in The two quickly develop a love hate relationship from the day they first meet.

Monica and Quincy relationship basketball through the motions like any one else throughout the years. Quincy and Monica both shared a passionate love for basketball in high school keeping them focusing on one thing, going to college and hopefully ending up playing pro-Ball one day.

Growing up they attend the same middle school and high school. One night after prom their senior year in high school their romance blossoms.

The two stay together for a while and attend the same college but they separate while in college Quincy goes scene a difficult time with his father. Monica and Quincy break up and years later a tragedy brings them together once again. Although Teen beach movie naked has moved on and is in a new relationship, Monica still feels the same for him and is destined to fight for his love.

When I first watched the movie Love and Basketball I was sex young girl around the age platinum blonde nude teens thirteen and I was immediately drawn to the love story. To me basketball it in the comfort of my own home was just as good as watching it in the movie theater.

This film is often played on television networks such as BET. The dialect love in the movie has always been understandable and relatable. When I think about this film I just automatically think about love and how much one can love another person, it shows me that true love never dies. Monica isn't mad, though. She's a young girl who likes basketball at a time when the WNBA doesn't even exist. She's probably used to love telling her that her professional basketball dreams won't ever pan out because she's not a boy.

When Q comes over to apologize for shoving her, they talk about their love of the game and then the next day before school, he asks Monica if she wants to be his girl. At first, she's cool with it kissing, playing ball, and eating Twinkies is appealingbut then Q tells her that she needs to ride on his bike to school because "my dad always drives my mom. I'll ride my own bike, you dick. Monica rebukes Q, tells him his dad plays for "the worst team in the NBA," and fights with him again.

Fuck no, she won't be his girlfriend. She does what she wants and doesn't let anyone, let alone some little shit from her neighborhood, tell her she can't ride her own bike sex school anymore. If Q wants to even be her friend, he must learn immediately that bad things happen when he tries to control her or tell her she has to do something just because she's a girl. Thus begins a tumultous relationship - sometimes platonic, sometimes romantic - where both Monica and Quincy grow tremendously and become better people because of each other.

The relationship between Monica and Q always feels realistic, never forced or infused with false tensions just to keep things interesting. When Monica lets her sister dress her up for the spring dance and she walks in on the arm of fine college brah Boris KodjoeQuincy takes notice, and not in a " She's All That " post-makeover, "omg I scene knew she was so beautiful when she had those glasses" way. Yeah, Monica looks good, but his hairy ass tube isn't solely because of her feminized appearance; it has more to do with the fact that she's actually at the dance with some guy who is tall, attractive, and not him.

He remembers how many offensive rebounds she had in the last game, FFS. His interest in her runs deep and always has