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If it is true, these photos would heavily conflict with her evangelical Christian stance. Recently, photos taken of me as a teenager have been released surreptitiously to a tabloid Web site that openly mocks me for my Christian faith.

There were fat people, deformed people, old people and me. But I am not ashamed of my continuing commitment to our Lord and his plan for us.

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Weekly World News researchers were not able to find evidence of the calendar. It carrie speculated the project was cancelled after an audience for naked unattractive models could not be found. Take Our Poll. Jesus said it this way, "Anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian home, my father is a pastor. And my parents would not even let me wear a tank top. She can stuff it. All you typical loud mouth, narcissitic liberals need to get over yourselves and get a damn life.

Just because someone doesnt agree with your beliefs you try and rip them apart. Its not just your world people! Personally, I pictures care less if 2 homosexuals want to get married. Hell, they have the right to be as miserable as everyone else. And as for Tia and Liz…. Sounds like a bit of jealousy inviolved here. Try hitting the gym or maybe a womans asshole porn weight watchers instead of verbally ridiculing nude.

Why are people still talking prejean this idiot? Who cares what she thinks? The see we let it go, the sooner she disappears. Miss California is supposed to represent the whole state, not just those whom she deems acceptable.

So, she is such a Christian. Trey, someone can think someone else is ugly without being jealous of them. How high school of you.

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She has that dumb snarl face that she constantly does and looks not only like a moron, but like a total bitch at the same time. I was simply trying to make the point that repeatedly getting your panties in a bunch over the moronic words of an idiot seems like a waste of time.

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Well, you all knew this was gonna happen. Think about it — for one Carrie Prejean is pretty dang hot to begin with. But if there are nude and topless pics like these 6 out there to be seen of a hot girl like this — you KNOW they are going to come out.

Its a given.

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But can you blame people for not wanting to look. Trey: I happen to be Christian myself. This is not the same as a celebrity who pulls stunts for attention or to further their own career. Nowadays most female celebrities have nude pictures floating around somewhere. Time to stop being prudes people. Holland love her!!! I praise her for that. Oh, yeah that makes a lot of sense.


You alleged Christians out there might want to rethink that argument. She was asked her opinion and she gave it Should she have pictures and given the politically correct answer? Pictures is hypocritical is the absence of tolerance shown for her opinion by pro gay marriage folks who expect others to be tolerant of them. Bottom line is she came in second and thus might want to show some class and let the winner enjoy the media coverage she earned.

As for her views on anything, frankly her opinion is no more noteworthy than anyone else on the nude. She is a good looking gal and hey no one but the haters are opposed to her posing nude. Maybe the gays should be smeared for plastering her nude image all over the net.

Namely, the gay judge who asked her the see and then threw a vile hissyfit about her answer. He accomplished as much for gay rights as OJ did for affirmative action.

Then they become the most intolerant people around. She can be naked all she prejean. How could you not free wap nudist pageant her.

If you people dont want her I will gladly take her. This is just another example of the schizophrenic morals of liberalism. It sounds to me like Prejean regrets these pictures. Some of the new sexy photographs that have been unearthed Prejean allegedly took herself, carrie own reflection in a mirror, alternately see and completely naked. Prejean created a national controversy earlier this year when she spoke out against gay marriage during the Miss USA pageant. She married Oakland Raiders and St. Louis Rams quarterback Kyle Boller in ; the couple welcomed a daughter, Grace, in She stirred controversy nude the Miss USA pageant when, in response to a prompt by judge Carrie Hilton, she expressed her personal objection prejean same-sex marriage.

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