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Do NOT create a topic asking if users want to see content that you have. Do NOT post collages. Post an album instead. I can't remember all of them, sort of stopped snapchat for a while. And just how often she posts in general. She used to post almost daily on her story, even if just life updates.

Now she hardly ravensbabexo does that.

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Generally people advertising their main snapchat, so you might be able to get some from there. Lexie posts randomly. I used to follow her ravensbabexo her tits are constantly out but she's so goddamn annoying that I deleted her.

LV's "white girl impression" is hysterical. She acts like a vegan cali-surfer chick, then you find out she's a vegan cali girl. I've never wanted to sport-fuck someone at a tofu bar so hard in my ravensbabexo. She's such a world class level of annoying cunt that I couldn't jerk off to her if I tried.

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Sup Forums. Snapchat sluts that put fapping material into their stories Posts Miscellaneous Archive Home. Answer this thread Start new thread. Snapchat sluts that put fapping material into their stories fapping material into their stories What do you mean? They post nudes while telling you what they had for lunch? Same deal ravensbabexo lvplastic.

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Tellyourfriendx has some pretty good stuff Msashleyadams is hit or miss, but usually good. Anyone actual get loads like this? Like my ravensbabexo is never fukn white like snow.

She does the same. Not very often though.