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Quora Userlives in Japan present. Related Questions More Answers Japan What are the best sexual experiences you ever have at a nude beach in public? Why do Japanese like onsen? Have you ever been to a nude beaches If so, is it something one should try for the sake of adventure? Can you share some memorable or interesting experiences you had at a nude beach?

Why do Japanese japan go to beaches? At the first blurry glimpse of naked male flesh, I direct my eyes anywhere but that onsen. Shirahama isn't just about historical hot tubs and beaches humans. It's beautifully compact, centered around a long, blindingly white beach -- the sand was imported from Australia -- book ended by impressive rock formations, fishing piers, free onsen foot baths and a hot sexy rednecks girls nude pictures kitschy attractions.

Dotted with aging hotels, Shirahama Beach has a seaside resort vibe that takes off in the summer, nude street vendors and nightly fireworks. As I walk across its white sands, I'm floored by how unexpected it feels to find such a beach outside of semi-tropical Okinawa.

The beach is so pristine I feel I could be in the Caribbean. That illusion is shattered by dipping my feet in the ocean to be reminded with a jolt that Japan's coastal waters are still chilly in May. Nonetheless, proving yet again my theory that children possess underdeveloped thermoreceptors, many kids splash about happily nearby.

Back up on nude, the open-air Shirasuna beachside onsen -- swimsuits permitted -- is a nice way to warm up post swim. Shirahama is a hot spot for Japanese families, due in part to the presence of Adventure World.

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No ordinary theme park, Adventure World also has a zoo that is home to five giant pandas -- the most of any zoo in Japan -- including twins born in It appears that the influence of western "morality" then influenced the Japanese to cover up. A female friend told me recently that these days, some women in the female side of an onsen will wear bathing costumes. Irony is always good for a chuckle, so let's enjoy!

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Embarrassing for who? It sure as hell seems that the foreigners are not embarrassed. Perhaps the Japanese are embarrassed because they are missing a lil' something something that foreign men and women have? Japan "I suspect - but cannot prove - that the boldness these foreigners exhibit at this onsen is spurred by the all-to-frequent superiority complex many foreigners seem to develop in Japan, a problem stemking from and compounded by a Japanese propensity to not say anything, even in the face of something simply azumi nakama. Dude, Japanese customers are going to the onsen to SEE the very thing you say the foreigners are 'mistaking as implied consent'.

As for the Japanese being more nude, in some cases that's correct, and in others it's not beaches making it a generalization. I've been to a couple of 'konyoku' onsen and the ojisan in particular were FAR from modest in some cases there have only ever been a few women at best, and much older.

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I don't think that's a bad thing at all the latterand it sure beats the idea of asking hot breast sucking videos not to enter based on the more 'passionate' nudist tendencies of a few. Not quite sure what that means. In the onsen area, from pool to pool? In the lounge? On the street? Something people don't seem to grasp nude pun intended is that nudity is allowed in the japan area and changing areas but NOT in the lounge or anywhere outside the bath area. Every activity at the onsen has its place, including eating and drinking.

Being naked in an area non-designated for that use is therefore embarrassing for the viewers who understand how the place works. An onsen is NOT a nudist resort. The fact that there are mixed baths does not turn an onsen into a nudist beaches. Onsen and sento are organized in terms of activity and service, for maximum efficiency.

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For example from my experience in University field trips, bathing nude with friends and classmates at the onsen or sento is normal, but nobody goes nude in the hotel rooms we share, let alone walk naked in the lounge or the dining room.

Onsen yukatas are provided for guests for a reason.

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For Japanese like for most people in the world, misplaced nudity is impolite. Used to like onsens till I noticed stuff floating around. Warm water and a bunch of naked people sweating. Germ factory! I'll take a waterfalls any day. Chlorinated water for non moving water.

Foreign nudists flock to Gunma hot spring resort - Japan Today

Most Westerners unless they travel alone lack the subtlety required to use and preserve mixed sex bathing. In their enjoyment of it they destroy it. Another excuse to flaunt nakedness and commit indecent exposure. Where are the morals?

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Bathing suits should be made compulsory. Hi all, We are here with my wife since 1 year, this summer we would like to have some adventures. We would like to visit a nudist beach.

Later, i read about it that it is somehow closed the entrance of the "secret tunnel is closed" I am wondering, if it is true or not Can anyone please let me know some details about this issue?

Can anyone recommend us a different place? John Chavers By Jove, you couldn't make this shit up. I would suggest Zushi in Kanagawa.

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Bonus points for playing loud music and full-body tattoos. Stop hovering apetube romantic collapse However, the colourful family-friendly pool on the top floor with multiple, rather hardcore waterslides snaking through the air above it is mixed-gender and thus swimsuited.

Your second wristband comes with your locker key. But it's important to understand the very structured etiquette involved in enjoying Japanese cultural favourite, the onsen or hot spa bath.