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Yes, five stars is inadequate a rating for this brilliant film. Basically, it is about women who have fears and have them resolved by their girlfriends. From the first scene involving a fear of drowning, this film is sensitivity and sensuality all the way.

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She explains this to Laila ali nude, the flower seller who, overwhelmed by her beauty and sadness, seduces Blue Angel. What a beautiful scene. What makes Viv Thomas movies so brilliant is his understanding of women, and it really shows here.

My only complaint is that this is too short. A real masterpiece, beautifully acted, superbly photographed and a script beyond compare. Add this to Pink Velvet, Butterfly, and Unfaithful.

Sam H. The scenes remind me of stuff from Sapphic Erotica, which I love. The girls lovingly kiss and lick the whole body, no hurry to get down south. I liked the way the pussy eating was filmed. In this release, there were just about the right amount of closeups, and I thought they let the girls go down on each other a little more naturally more full mouth and less tongue flicking.

One of the girls is sad and vulnerable.

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I suppose the other girl could have said, "this is not a good idea", but when the sad girl said "please take me", then why not give her what she needs? I liked the setups, but for a particular reason.

The setups show the relationships between the girls, namely that they are friends who care for each other.

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The way I see it, the theme for these scenes is that physical affection taps into sexual desire. Blue Angel. Jenny M.

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Natalia Forrest. Nikita i. Sonia Red. Zoe Fox. Description No Fear In Love contains a series of scenes which tell the individual stories of four girls overcoming their anxieties. Through unintentional physical intimacy these girls reveal hidden desires leading to intensely emotional, natural and beautiful acts of love making. This is yet another tastefully crafted and sensual piece of lesbian erotica from the acclaimed studio which brought you Unfaithful, The Office Girls and Mums and Daughters.

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Clip details:. Clip 1 - 34 mins 26 secs. Stars: Lucy Sonia Red. Clip Purchase. Purchase complete! This clip has been added to your clip purchases page, Click here to go there now.

No Fear In Love DVD by Viv Thomas

You can change your Email Preferences here Sign up for our newsletter. Clip 2 - milky nipples mins 54 secs. Stars: Blue Angel Nikita i. Clip 3 - 27 mins 28 secs. Stars: Jenny M Zoe Fox. Clip 4 - 23 mins 25 secs. Stars: Natalia Forrest Sonia Red. The setups feel authentic and reflect cultures far more comfortable with sex than Americans can ever hope to be.

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Beautiful young, tight girls and wonderful spread pussy closeups. C'mon Viv, get back to these. Viewers who watched this movie also liked.