My little sister sex stories

My little sister

The nurse could see trouble about to happen. She told him the man had life threatening injuries and was not little. Alan watched a family arrive. The woman left three kids with another lady and went back with the nurse. His wife Ellen seemed half awake with injuries to the back of her head sex she hit the steering wheel, some cracked ribs and a broken arm. Apparently she had him to the point he was shooting sperm in her mouth and lost control of the vehicle as well. He has a nasty gash on his penis.

Alan stories have sat in the room with her and found someone to take Brad home. He had no idea she had been cheating, nor who the man would be. Sister sat in the waiting room, not wanting to be in the room with his wife. They half pushed stories to the waiting room. The conversation with the woman watching her kids was loud. Alan sat there little few minutes. She was a fucking whore. How had he missed it? It did take longer than it should.

He could see a chance of her fucking someone while he was at work, but the idea of in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon while he watched the kid was a kick in the nuts. But, what about her fucking someone sex he was at work?

From the grocery warehouse it was hard to call home and rarely did he have a need to call. Probably three times sister had called home kali roses nude the last few months. Once she said kari byron in bra was out of breath from running up the stairs to answer the phone in the bedroom.

Another time she let out a gasp and said she thought a spider was on the bed. The last time he had called she said the dryer was making a noise. Now he realized it was balls slapping her ass and the bed squeaking while her stud fucked her. Marriage meant something to him.

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Apparently it meant something else to his Ellen. Was the guy in the hospital bed both night and weekend guy or his wife spreading it around? Brad missed his mom. The hospital called after almost two weeks sister ask him to come get her.

Alan told to them to send her home in a cab. Ellen was pretty sore, but could walk around on her own. It was a work day and Alan left early to avoid his wife when she arrived. Brad was in school and had been going home with a little until his Dad could pick him up.

He paid the woman a few bucks for her help and would take his sleeping son home after eleven work nights. His mother screwing with other men had fucked up life for the first grader and for his Dad. The first thing was to reach an understanding. Ellen was out of the master and into the 3rd bedroom. There were married in word only.

Alan naked women with sexy vigina the signs over and over again. Working until eleven at night meant sleeping until about 8 A. Ellen would drive Brad stories school. One morning her heard Ellen talking in the front yard. This tall, sold on himself, prick from a couple of blocks over was standing talking to Ellen while she stood holding the newspaper. It was the asshole, as Alan referred to him. They chatted several minutes.

Ellen would glance up at the bedroom window to see if Alan was watching. The curtain barely moved when he let go of it. The asshole was ten years older than Ellen, divorced several years.

His wife had run sex and left him with the house. Alan learned this later. Ellen tried to close the car door quietly, but she had always been a slammer. Everything he would say must have been funny by then as Ellen would giggle at almost every thing he said. The first day of standing with her arms folded across her chest quickly became thumbs hooked in her belt loops of her jeans with her chest out to accent her boobs.

Alan thought of it as a little flirty and would get hard watching her, sometimes stroking his cock while peeking around the curtain. Naughty, but not in his marriage would anything be let to happen. Then it stopped.

The guy that usually appeared to have been jogging quit stopping by. She had been screwing him for a year, slipping him in their bed at night while Alan worked and Brad slept in the room down the hall. Besides, this man had a wife and kids unlike asshole guy.

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Although not much was being said between the couple Alan seemed to start to tolerate Ellen again. A couple of times Alan thought Ellen was trying to get him to fuck her. She had resumed normal functions with the help of some pain killers, driving Brad to school and picking him up, doing the shopping and she had the house spotless.

Suddenly seeing his wife in a good mood Alan decided that someone must be fucking her. Hardly a month had gone by. Alan decided to set some traps. First a check of the laundry basket showed some dried cum in her panties and some on her sheet. Alan took a sick day at work. Also, switched cars with a friend for the day. Soon staked out down the street he saw her leave early.

He followed her minivan into a park. A man walked up to the side, slide the door open and got in. The van rocked for about twenty minutes.

The man got out and walked stories towards Alan. He knew the man. It was the man from the insurance company that met with her at the hospital and stopped by the house a couple of times. Then Ellen had the nerve to pick up Brad from school all fresh fucked with cum in her married cunt. Alan followed them back home, parking in a driveway of little house for sale.

Five minutes later a car passed the house and turned around the corner on a street sex no outlet. Thirty minutes later the man left and the car drove back past Alan.

His son Brad was at home on his bike a few minutes later. Figuring nothing sex happen Alan left for a bite to eat. He wondered if he should go on to work so as not to take a hit on his paycheck. Persistence paid off. Alan took a comfortable seat in the minivan. He could hear if the front door opened and would little anyone entering through the garage.

Alan gave them a fifteen minute head start big breasted redhead women nude get things going. Alan watched them fuck in the dim light. Ellen was flopping her head side to side with no focus to her eyes.

She almost tossed her lover off the bed trying to get out from under him. Alan quickly corrected his suspicions. It was a kid from up the street. Her lips locked around the base of my cock. She started to pull back, stories her mouth slightly, and shoved my stories deep again.

Little pattern quickened, sucking hard, pulling back, and slamming her mouth down my cock again and again. I grabbed the sides of her head, and began face fucking her harder and faster. Her cheeks hallowed, then puffed with each withdrawal, each thrust into her mouth and throat. I lost all cognitive thought. I fucked her harder, only focused on my pounding cock. Pulling stories, she fisted me hard.

She looked to me. I reached to her, pulling her up. I kissed her little. Spinning her around, I pushed her to the shower wall. My hand slid down her body, between the cheeks of her plump ass.

Slowly, deliberately, I pushed over her asshole, letting my fingertip ream her as I bit into the flesh of her neck. I pushed my fingertip into her ass to the first knuckle, pushing, pulling, reaming her tightest hole. She groaned with each movement, plastered to the tile. She pushed back to me, bending at the waist, ana bell evans forearms on the tile.

I fisted my cock, swiped it up and down through her wet slit, found my target, and shoved my cock deep in my first thrust. Pulling back, grabbing her hips, I thrust forward sister, driving my cock completely into her depths. My hips smacked sex her ass, the flesh on flesh slap filling little small shower enclosure.

Thrust after thrust, I pounded her flesh, our bodies slapping hard. I teen girl on sybian my cock pull back, her swollen lips sucking hard to keep me buried deep. Her groans turned to screams with each thrust grinding deep.

Reaching under her body, her fingers quickly brought her body to her sister orgasm as I pounded her harder and harder. My own orgasm rapidly approached, my balls churning. As she grabbed my sac, I exploded, shooting spurt after spurt of cum into her soaked depths. My sister buckled, quivering as I ground my body to hers, feeling each muscle contraction spitting my cum into her body. My thumb ran rampant over her asshole, pushing into her body to the first knuckle as I refused to release her, grinding my body harder and harder to her even as my cock shrank and withdrew from her cunt.

My body convulsed against her big, pliant ass. I pressed to her, grinding my body to hers. We remained pressed together for a sex minutes as I humped her big butt. Cathy stood, turning to snuggle against me, her hand taking my limp cock and stroking softly, slowly.

We stood silently, letting the hot water cascade over our bodies. Slowly, we washed each other again. We lay, me spooned to her backside. We talked sister for over an hour about nothing.

No mention of sex, only family and work. Soon, we laid facing, fingertips stroking her tits, nails tracing the areola, making the nipple stand rigid, playing, tickling softly. Looking deep into my eyes, stories smiled. I stared at her, my mind racing, pulling up mental tapes of memories. My mouth dropped open. She grinned ear-to-ear, her eyes sparkling. Her lips lightly touched mine, her tongue snaked softly against my lips, extending into my mouth. I moved to draw her closer, my arms wrapping around her slowly, pulling her close.

As I pressed my body to hers, our kisses grew deeper, tongues dancing, exploring. I could feel her big tits mashed against me, her nipples standing firm. Slowly, I began traversing her body, kissing down her neck, licking, nipping the sensitive flesh of the nape of her neck. My hand moved to her center, flat on her stomach. My kids had called the extra heavy midsection fluffy, not fat. I caressed her skin, moving slowly upwards. I started unbuttoning and unzipping, took out my stiffened cock and present it to her face.

With the skills of a eager young girl who has been fucking every day for almost a year she already knew what to do. She took my cock in her small hand and started jerking me, then she started to lick the head of my cock. After covering my cock in precum and saliva, she wrapped her pouty pink lips around my prick and started bobbing her head while I saw one of her hands steal away under her skirt. She was rubbing her small pussy. Her moans of pleasure and her mouth taking me to the edge of cumming. She now went to the technique that I love when she wants me to cum.

She slowly slides half my cock in her mouth while she vigorously licks the head and gives it a little nibble. Hayley is waiting for me. She was visibly hurt but complied. In a few seconds she was naked and god does she look good. I pick her up and set her on the toilet tank. I start sucking her tits, those nice pink perky nipples feels good rolling on my tongue. We then start to kiss while I guide my rod into her wet pussy. Her bathing suit was small on her along with all of her sexual features were bulging out from the seams.

I started getting swollen in the shorts which man it hard to keep my bulge under control. We were making small talk on our choice of cleaning products we use to try not to make it completely awkward. I could see she was sister in the face as was I. I could see her taking looks at my new sex body as I was washing shampoo out of my hair. Once it came time to take turns using the water her butt would gently brush against my penis.

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After turning around I was in awe as the soap was running down her breasts and the crack of her soft ass. With all my might I could not contain the beast in my shorts. As she came up her face touched my rock hard cock and before I could do anything she was staring right stories my penis. I turned around to hide my embarrassment with my monkey ass red face. I proceeded to sex the rest of the soap off then left for my room.

I responded in kind, stories out with her for sister few minutes before she took hold of my cock and lead me into her bedroom by my rock hard tool She lay the towels on the bed sitting herself down on the edge, she motioned sister to come over to her. Standing in front of her she once again took my cock and took the whole thing into her mouth, pushing it down her throat, my god she was a natural "where the hell did you sex to do that, it's so good" Pussy closeup squirting anal asked "i got an instructional video and practiced with mums dildo" she told me "oh my god, it feels amazing" little glad you like it bro" she said as she pulled away from me and lay down on the bed, spreading her legs she pulled me on top of her, the head of my cock resting against her pussy, I could feel the heat and it was driving me crazy "i love you Little she whispered "i always have, I wanted you to be my first" and with that she pulled me into her and rocked her hips forward so my 8" buried itself all the way up to my balls, she went tense and took in a sharp breath as I felt her hymen tear under the pressure "are you OK Ali?