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It was a rare moment to see a woman trying to grieve, but also attempting to put one foot forward without her husband. What do you remember most about filming that scene? That really propelled me into the work of the scene -- that Liz was taken by surprise by how definite it was now that there was this tangible boone that Tom was in the ground.

I wanted to reach him. By the end of the episode, it appears as though Liz is dead-set on seeking revenge pokies right Tom's death. I don't really think that the series is going to be the standard American happy megan.

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These are not topless pictures of Megan Boone, massage japan xxx they are still the next best thing. Megan Boone was conceived in Petoskey, Michigan on April 29, Megan Boone went to Belleview High School. Megan Boone said she realized straightaway that she will finish up as an on-screen character after her grandparents pokies her to see a Broadway play featuring Nathan Lane when Megan Boone was just seven years of age. Boone you have, you may proceed On Wednesday's winter premiere of The Blacklist, titled "Ruin," the aftermath of Tom's death reverberated throughout Liz's Megan Boone life, prompting her to completely change every facet of her life see: gives her daughter Agnes away to Tom's mom, requests Red not to follow her.

Mission: accomplished. She's coming for Tom's killers and there's nothing anyone, including him, can megan about it.


Though Red tells Liz he forgives her, he asks one looming question that sets the table for the rest of the season: "Will you be able to forgive yourself?

ET: One scene from the winter premiere really struck a chord. It's the one where Liz visits Tom's grave, where she breaks down and she's not doing so well -- and even says that at one point.