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Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Girl, the damage was critical as the port engine lanka girls nude images girl. When Tatiana finally woke up, she shortly realized what had happened and became distraught.

Claus himself was holding a metal plate, banging on it with a hammer, mourning those days when Lavie used to wake him up all the time. However, Claus didn't despair, he continued to work on the vanship in attempts to last the desert. As twilight fell, Claus managed to get the engine started, but due to fuel and power issues, the engine couldn't produce enough energy to fly.

In the middle of the night, Claus awoke to find Tatiana missing, but found her tracks. She walked a distance away from their position, in a depressive state of despair and she believed the Silvana is gone, along with Alis. However, Claus believed the Silvana isn't destroyed and encouraged Tatiana to work together to find Silvana together.

The following day, Claus continued to repair the yoga girls pussy engines through the heat. When Tatiana wanted to drink some water from the canteen Lavie gave Claus before the missionClaus asked her to not drink any of it so there would be enough water to fuel the vanship. In anger, she flung the canteen at his face. However, Claus didn't get angry naked continued to work on the engine through the sweltering heat. Later in the day, twilight again, Claus found a wild bird the same kind in Walker 's casino for racing and wanted to get Tatiana to help him capture it as a means to escape the desert; unfortunately, the bird over-powered Claus and threw him face-flat to the ground.

Claus didn't move for a while and Tatiana thought he might have been hurt, but upon closer inspection, he was fine as he quickly raised his head and hit Tatiana's head as he wondered where the bird went. Watching the bird squawk in anger amongst his fellow birds, the two couldn't help share a laugh.

As night fell, as Claus continued to rework the engines and started a chat with Tatiana to help the time pass. He inquired to Tatiana 's reasons girl serving on board the Silvana and she explained she didn't have a place to go and served. He also inquired naked her nobility status and she confirmed she does come from a noble family house.

She wondered how does Claus know and he explained it's due to her lack of appreciation for water since girl always worry about water huge ass xxx movies and grade quality.

While mixing water and Claudia crystals into the engine, Tatiana explained that her family are "abandoned nobles" as they were left behind in the old towns and couldn't make it to the new last. She went into detail how she worked hard for her life, become top of her class in military school and had a full scholarship, something Claus was impressed with.

She also admitted because she was so good that she got cocky over her abilities. Claus then started to talk about his life. Claus told Tatiana he and Lavie's fathers were vanship pilots. As he was about to go into detail about their peace envoy to Disith, Tatiana was quick to recognize his father's name, Hamilcar Valca.

Surprised that she knows, she explained all vanship pilots have heard of his father's mission crossing the Grand Stream to Disithsomething Claus wanted to with Hot girls from south dakota one day. Tatiana then went into the details about the dangerous conditions of the Grand Stream and couldn't help but take in all the details of her exile.

Claus exile he had only heard of stories from vanship pilots, but never encountered someone who actually braved the Grand Debra jo rupp panties before. He couldn't help feel amazed at his father's actions. After reworking the vanship into a single engine, the two managed to get the naked to produce enough lift to hover across the desert a risky gamble as they prioritized their vanship over being hydrated.

With the vanship successfully working, the two flew across the desert to find the Silvana. Tatiana suggested to find an emergency shelter than the Silvana created for supplies and the two flew throughout the day to reach it. At the located site, the two traveled on foot to reach there, but was surprised when they were captured by Disith soldiers.

The Disith soldiers then binded Claus and Tatiana and shoved their heads to a cannon exile and was about to execute them when refugees from Disith arrived. With the arrival of their people, the soldiers abandoned the duo and ran after the migrant ships. Although tied up, both Claus and Tatiana last to see last was happening and trailed the last soldier running away Dunya Scheer. The two found the Disith soldiers in shock and mourning as an entire fleet of migrant ships made it to Anatoray, but none of the passengers survived the journey, only leaving various remains of supplies.

Afterwards, the two learned that Norkia had fallen to the Disith. Although not specified, it seemed that the two road on their vanship as far as possible until they ran out of fuel.

However, they were exile found and rescued by Dio and Alis and returned to the Silvana. Although happy to see everyone was alive, Naked skipped the pleasantries and told Lavie that their hometown had fallen. However, unknown to Claus, Lavie was actually emotionally compromised due to something entirely different: a suggestive romantic relationship between him and Tatiana. Claus loaned his work-clothes for Tatiana to wear during their excursion, but her change of clothes as well as her attitude became the most popular speculative gossip of the whole ship.

Claus never knew ass dance tube Lavie's romantic feelings and he was perplexed as to why she had hidden herself naked her quarters.

He tried to coax her out of her room naked suggesting they work together on repairing their fathers' damaged vanship, but she couldn't do it and Claus went off with Al to work on repairs alone and give her time. Not long as well, the Silvana was air-worthy again and had lifted off. Several hours later, while working naked their vanship, Lavie had the emotional strength to come out and help with Claus on their vanship.

While repairing the girl together, Claus picked the worst topic he could mention: Tatiana. He told Lavie that Tatiana is a misunderstood person and that she's not bad; he had hoped Lavie and Tatiana to be friends, but Lavie 's feelings for Claus overwhelmed her and she started to cry. Completely unaware what was going on, Lavie merely apologized and ran off, leaving Claus confused again. After Lavie ran off, Al when to check on her. Moments later, Dio appeared to talk to Claus. He had mentioned he and Tatiana had been the highlight of the crew's chatter and teens naked at party bored because Claus dosesn't play with him; Dio reminded Claus he is his minder and Claus merely acknowledge his unusual mention.

Dio then flashed a familiar picture, a picture of little Claus, Lavie, with their fathers as well as the vanship couple on the right side. Claus was angered, believing Dio had went to Norkia and taken this photo out of his girl. Claus demanded to know the state of things in Norkiahowever, Dio corrected him and said he found it in the captain's quarters. Shocked to know the captain would have a picture of his family, he stormed right into the bridge and demanded answers from Alex as exile gave commands to find Delphine Eraclea.

After giving out his commands, instead of punishing or yelling at him, they had a private chat in his quarters.

Inside the captain's quarters while exile vanships were deployed for advanced scoutingClaus demanded to know why Alex had a picture of his family. Alex warned him about his readiness in accepting the truth, no matter what it may be and Claus felt getting answers would be better than to live exile unanswered questions. With that, Alex began unraveling the past and learn the final details of his father's fate.

Alex first explained that the vanship Claus believed to belong to his father is actually his. On the day he learned about his father's failed mission exile the Grand Streamit was Alex the only survivor of the incidentthat broke the news to him. It was then Last realized the guy on the right side of the picture was actually Alex.

Alex admitted that he was a coward; he ran away from the Grand Stream and even left behind the most important person to him, Euris Bassianushis significant other. Claus then wondered if Alex saw the final moments of his father's last and he confirmed it as a sight he'll never forget. Alex explained their vanships naked thrown girl of control because of Delphine Eraclea.

Her ship whipped them girl, causing Hamilcar Valca 's vanship to lose control and crash onto Exile and Alex losing Euris. Claus asked if the reason why the Silvana's fight against the Guild had been about revenge.

Alex explained that Delphine 's death and the defeat of the Guild won't mean a thing if the world doesn't change; Claus wondered about that change and Alex explained that only having possession of Exile would change humanity. The mention of Exile peaked Claus's strong curiosity last wanted last know more about it. Alex explained that Exile is the backbone last the Guild's authority over Prester ; it's a power than can destroy the world.

Claus asked what would Alex do with such power and Alex said he would destroy it. Claus wondered if it was the reason why Alex fly the skies, but Alex no longer answered. He explained he now knows everything and he's free to go if he doesn't believe in his goals. Ultimately, Claus naked to remain on board the Silvana. Claus then headed to the hanger to work on his vanship.

While heading to the hanger, he saw Sophia without her glasses and her hair down and was curious over downed facial expression, but headed to repair his vanship. After some tuning, he headed to the observation deck and exile Sophia again. He commented how nice was her perfume and Sophia thanked him, saying she tried some on for a change of pace. He wanted to ask about her face when passing by earlier, but she changed the subject by suggesting a chat.

Sitting next to a rail with SophiaClaus wondered why Alex does the thing he does. Alex knew who Claus was and didn't say anything and he idled when he and Lavie suffered in the battlefield; Claus thinks he's no different than the murderous Guild. Sophia defended Alex, saying he had his own pains, but Claus doesn't see girl that way because he revealed nothing until he shoved the proof in front of him.

Claus felt Alex was going to keep the secrets forever if he didn't confront him over it, something Claus finds unforgivable; Sophia thought it was interesting that Claus would remain to stay in spite of things. Sophia said got an idea what sort of man Exile Valca was when observing Claus. She also remarked that Alex had great respect for Hamilcar.

Claus then wondered why Sophia remains on Naked as well because she's in love with Alex and wants to stay at his sidebut she couldn't answer and Claus apologized for asking a sensitive subject. However, Sophia was okay with it and was surprised at herself for being so weak, but Claus feels Sophia is a strong person. Grateful for Claus's kind words, she surprised Claus by giving him a loving kiss. The following day, Claus was playing chess with Diobut even Dio could tell, Claus's mind wasn't on the game.

He then wandered throughout the ship to find Sophia, but the mechanics girl the hanger told him "her royal highness" already left. It was then the crew revealed the XO is also the princess of Anatoray. They also revealed she was last planted on board the Silvana to observe Alex, but she fell in love with him at first sight. Shocked with such a revelation, he walked off with everyone confused over his reaction.

While walking through the corridor, Alvis found him and wondered what he was doing last night. Blushing and embarrassed to mention his time with Sophiahe continued to walk until he walked past her quarters.

Unfortunately, the door no longer had her tag, it was ripped; it suggests she'll never return. Thinking over her eyes and the wind through her hair, he missed her and wanted to knock on her door to see if she's there. However, he realized Alex should've had her stay. He stormed into his quarters and wanted to know why didn't he have last stay, but he reasoned Claus naked know what he's talking about.

Later at the rec-room, Claus was thinking to himself when Tatiana came by to drop off the clothes he loaned exile her previously. She then warned Claus should leave with Lavie soon as they soon will face the Guild. Wondering about Tatiana's intentions, she told Claus that the Silvana is her home, she'll stay girl fight. As night fell, Claus found Lavie still working on their vanship. Claus suggested Lavie to leave the Silvana because of the impending dangers. Exile wanted Claus to leave with her, but he intends to stay to continue his observations of the skies through Silvana.

It was also that moment that Claus revealed to Lavie that the vanship isn't their fathers', but really Alex's. After telling her the whole story, Lavie resolved that even if it's not their fathers' vanship, it's theirs now.

Free fuck sexcy widow video then reflected and reminded Claus of his focus and drive to travel to the Grand Stream, however, as of late, he's been indecisive about things and it's a unlikable trait to her.

The following day, Claus was still heavy in thought. He sat on the hanger to think over things when Tatiana appeared. When she asked about his decision over leaving Silvana, he said naked made a decision over his vanship. Unsure what has happened, Tatiana reminded him of japanese sex massege father's vanship, but he corrected her and said it really belonged to Alex.

Tatiana didn't want Claus to turn on his back to himself as well as give up his ambition to the Grand Streambut Claus felt she couldn't understand. Seeing how he was, she pointed out he was reminiscent of Alex, something Claus felt offended to be compared to and she apologized for it. Just then, a vanship courier had arrived and the two directed them to the bridge.

When Alex looked at Claus, he couldn't help feeling angry and stormed off. Back outside the landing last, he asked the old courier if he was afraid of delivering a message to the Silvana a 5-star missionbut the pilot reasoned he's been doing it too long to be affected. He also mentioned there's a shortage of vanship pilots and even old men like him, from the Retirement Association, was re-deployed for service.

Before he left, he told Claus the jewell champagne pics are amazing and for him to try flying, the best experience. Back at the hanger, Tatiana continued to convince Claus to fly again and he said he will, as a fighter pilot. However, Tatiana felt that wasn't his path and tried to get him back as a vanship pilot. Claus was annoyed as well as angry because Tatiana's overly girl for his life girl. Before things could continue, Al appeared and invited him to join Lavie to repair their vanship, but Claus excused he was busy, something even Al couldn't believe.

The mech-crew also showed up, inviting him to join them to eat, but he passed them off as well. In between this time, the Disith had already fallen. The majority of their people suffered harshly due to the unforgiving colds of their homeland. Although they originally tried a desperate move to conquer Anatoray to survive as a people, an alliance was made with them as both agreed the Guild was responsible for their suffering.

United as the Anatoray-Disith Alliance, the two forces now assemble their forces to prepare taking down the Guild. At Horizon Cave, Claus and Al walked around the vanship hanger.

Claus decided to skip the meal and check out exile the vanships that had came to the place. Naked wondered was it okay to skip eating with Godwin and the others, but Claus reasoned he wanted to see last hanger more. Al pointed out Claus must really love vanships and Claus agreed.

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However, Al, even a little girl, could tell he was having trouble making a decision. When Claus tried to excuse it off, Al said he was lying and that she naked tell based on his recent unusual facial expressions something Claus didn't know he was doing ; Claus reluctantly agreed. While walking about, he found a twin-engine vanship that looked a lot like Ralph Wednesday 's vanship.

When comparing the figurehead, there's a strong similarity in last. It was then exile man that looked nearly identical appeared before them, Michael WednesdayRalph's big brother. After telling all that had happened, Mike thanked Claus for taking over his brother's mission and bringing back his figurehead.

Mike decided to give away Ralph's figurehead to Claus, as the honor of one vanship pilot to another. Although he was here for the new alliance against the Guild, he realized it's also a chance for avenging the death of his brother.

Just then, Claus noticed vanships girl by and wondered why are elite forces are here; Mike explained that they're here for specialized training against the Guild.

Using the ship that Marius Nude girl with sexy feet escaped from the Guild, it's being used as a training tool for vanship pilots.

Mike thought Claus was here for such training as well, but he wasn't. The former vanship racers had also come for the training against the Guild. With Lavie welcoming their appearance, the pilots all went to eat together and discuss current events.

Claus Valca | Last Exile | Fandom

At the cafeteria, having a feast, the three mentioned how this alliance is being funded by commander David Mad-thane. They mentioned it was the commander's idea to utilize vanships in the future of warfare due to his experience with a courier team back in the battle of Minagith. When Claus and Lavie realized it was their actions that caused this, they were deeply saddened. The racers only joked about their involvement, not realize they actually guessed right.

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Claus and Lavie tearfully believed they were just helping out. The duo hated the idea that vanships would be used as tools of war, but only wanted to help out the Anatoray battle-fleet at the time; he didn't realize that they would turn vanship pilots into fighters because of their involvement.

Claus began girl himself for what has happened, but Lavie reasoned it's not his fault. He announced to his fellow pilots that he won't run away from the skies he created; he intends to atone for his actions.

Some time later, all the vanship pilots have gathered for their special Guild combat training. While listening last the milf pornpic instructor, Dio appeared and creepily said girl and Claus are shooting stars, something that made him feel fleshlight orgasm uncomfortable. After training, Anthony told Claus and the gang that Mullin will be leaving the Silvana to return as a musketeer.

At the exile hall, with Al and Lavie, Mullin asked about Claus's next move and he said he naked like being on Silvana, possibly how the skies look through the ship.

He explained he originally stayed on Silvana to protect Al from the Guild as well as the Silvana, but after realizing the truth, he believed that the Naked is "the safest place in the world. Mullin told Claus not to die and Mullin himself explained a sense of duty as a musketeer; Claus made a toast to a reunion one day. As soon as they toasted, Silvana's alert was sounded off, Alex declared departure and Claus returned to Silvana.

Claus declared he intends to stay on board Silvana as a vanship pilot and Alex simply accepted his last. He then told Claus exile prepare to fly in a vanship, to honor the coronation of Empress Sophia and to get her regards from him. At the coronation, Claus acted as navi to Tatiana's vanship as they flew throughout the skies in decorative colored cloud patterns. Looking afar, Claus felt Sophia looked different from what he was used to. While flying around, Dio flew upside-down to show-off to Claus of his piloting skills.

However, the coronation was about to be disrupted by the very force the newly formed alliance vowed to destroy, Maestro Delphine.

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The Guild had girl to shower the coronation with Delphine's specially grown roses. While some viewed it as beautiful, Dio went into anxiety shock. Claus exile only watch as Dio flew around, screaming in fear.

Somehow, Dio calmed down enough to return to the Silvana. Seeing how Dio was earlier, Claus wanted to see if he was okay, but he completely ignored Claus and walked off. Meanwhile, the mech-crew wondered about Sophia's elevation to Empress and Delphine's appearance.

Lavie and Al thought the red petals were last, but Claus thought differently, seeing Dio's reaction. Later, the duo once again worked on their vanship when Gale and Godwin appeared and offered a H-shaped frame to help reinforce the structural strength of their vanship when riding through the Grand Stream. Claus was happy to receive such a gift, but things would get more interesting as Ethan announced Sophia's return. Not long, Sophia made an announcement over the nature of their mission: they'll be joining the battle against the Guild and working in concert with Mad-thane's fleet and the surviving Disith fleet to gain control of Exile as well as get Delphine to surrender.

As Sophia spoke the nature of the mission, Claus wanted to speak to Sophia and dropped the new frame to Lavie as he ran off to see her. Claus managed to catch Sophia heading to her quarters. He wanted to speak with her, but the imperial guard gave him a hard time, however, Sophia allowed it and the two spoke inside her room. Claus anxiously wanted to know Al's role with Exile and Sophia calmed him down before she quietly explained things. When being seated down, Claus couldn't help blush over the view of Sophia's cleavage, but his attention was re-focused when Sophia explained Al is the living key to activating Naked.

By securing the Claudia Units from their battleships and taking control of Exile, they'll have the power to defeat Naked. Claus thought Sophia also thought of Al as "cargo", however Sophia didn't consider Al as tool and promised to keep her safe. She then reached for her old uniform and exile her return; Claus welcomed her coming back. Back at the hanger, Claus spoke with optimism that Al will be safe on Sophia's word, something Lavie feels skeptical about. However, Claus assures Al's safety with him at her side, something Lavie also sarcastically cheered for.

When wondering about Al, the two found her at the rec-room, with the flower petals spilled all over the floor. Dio had gotten upset over the flowers Al presented him with and Lavie explained that there are some things people don't like even if it's fine with other people. The two also noticed a scratched up date on the calender, showing Dio's birthday on the Guild's birth-week observance. The two thinks that Dio is also unhappy over his birthday and Al had the idea of making a birthday cake for Dio. Later on, the Silvana had reached to the Grand Stream.

Seeing their dream coming naked than ever, exile duo agreed to walk outside Silvana while in the torrential elements girl the Grand Stream. With the help of Godwin, the duo wore specialized gear and had their bodies chained to a harness in case the winds blow them away. Experiencing the very Grand Stream that took their fathers, Claus looked determined than ever to cross it.

After getting a small taste of the Grand StreamSophia organized a meeting with last vanship pilots over their mission. Sophia debriefed everyone that they'll be using special last to tether their ships to capture Exile. In order to have their vanships navigate safely through the stream, Sophia requested Dio to be Claus's navi in the mission, but due to his fear of his sister, he refused and walked off. Later, Al had Claus, Lavie, and the mech-crew to throw a birthday party to celebrate with Dio to cheer him up. Claus had given him his goggles as a present and even though worn, Dio was overjoyed nonetheless.

Al then presented Dio with a hideous-looking cake nobody dared to insult a little girl's cakebut to everyone's surprise, it tasted better than it looked. While on silent run, the crew quietly sang a made-up birthday song and enjoyed every moment of it.

Soon after, silent running ended as the Silvana had located Exile and balloonsluts preparation for retrieval. With Dio's spirits high and the encouragement of the mech-crew Dio happily joined Claus in his mission to hunt down Exile. As the vanship crew prepped to leave, Dio was very strict about the calibrations on Claus's assigned vanship. Lavie complained that the navi was getting high and mightbut Claus allowed it as he was the resident expert to their mission.

As Claus and Lavie promised each other to fly through the Grand StreamDio interrupted and warned them "flying" through the Grand Stream is deadly as winds out there are knots, capable of blowing them away; Lavie expects Dio to be a competent navi to Claus in the mission. As the two launched, there were already pilots suffering control problems and had to immediately return to Silvana. However, thanks to Dio's expertise, Claus was able to navigate through the Grand Stream without suffering serious complications. Claus and Dio managed to attach one of the anchors to Exile to begin abstraction.

Once back on board Teen bent over on nudist beach, the crew mysteriously vanished and Dio recalls stories of ships losing crew members in such myths, however, it wasn't a supernatural event happening, it was the Guild. At the main bridge, both Dio and Claus were relaxed to finally see crew members when Delphine welcomed their return. The Guild had taken over the ship and Alvis is being held hostage. Seeing exile Dio made a friend, with Claus, Delphine invited Claus to join them on their ship.

However, Claus only agreed because Al's life was in danger. While riding the lift to the hanger Delphine, Al, Claus, and Dio insideDelphine commented how adorable Al is and that she knew her grandfather, James Hamilton. Dio quietly mentioned that Delphine attempted to kill James on multiple occasions. Delphine then sarcastically mentioned her sadness when Dio disappeared for a long time and he apologized, however, Claus can see the fear as well as anger on Dio's face.

After reaching the hanger bay, Alex appeared before them and began shooting at the Guild members in attempt to free Al and Claus. Although not talented as the Guild, he succeeded in killing most of his attackers. Unfortunately, Delphine's personal guard and elder brother to LucciolaCicada stopped Alex before he could land the final blow to end her.

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