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Status Not open for further replies. Mad Season Banned. Nov 12, 4, 1 0. Part 1 has no audio for some reason. Cerium Member. Mar 25, 9, 1 0.

PETA is a disgusting organization that murders cats. This woman is stupid as hell though. Deserved that scratch. Sep 5, 7, 0 Knurek Member. May 15, amanda seyfried chloe nude, 1 0. Do they want to euthanize the cat as well? Slaythe Member. Apr 18, 13, 0 0. Can someone explain twitch happened? No clue. Nokterian Member. Jul 20, 18, 1 0 twitter.

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That fucking bitch i am getting mad when seeing this. Also Peta is not the answer at all for this. RecRoulette Member. Aug 28, 13, 0 0. PETA investigates? I bet it's more like this. Infernal Monkey Member. Jan 23, 9, 0 0 Sydney www. Fuck why did I click that second link.

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Breakfast at Noon Member. Jan 11, 5, I do not know. I'm not watching but what does she do? Beat it? Theorry Member. Dec twitch, 15, 3 0. Probably a inside job from PETA. ManThatYouFear said:. JStein Member. Jun 15, 5, 0 0. Infernal Monkey said:. Gloggins Member. Mar 12, 62 What a cunt.

Jun 7, 11, Los Angeles. Nearly chokes the cat by squeezing it. Nov 4, 9, 0 0. Ignoring the fact she seems to think you'd do so by choking it, why would you need to assert your dominance over a fucking house cat of all things in the first place? Sep 9, 4, 0 0. Comfort Jones Banned. Sep 8, 3, 0 0. Either way fuck off PETA. Nov 1, 11, 5 Why would she do twitch Just in general it seems like a bad idea to do that. Like come on, that's not cool. Mad Season said:. Wagram Member.

Jul 11, 9, 0 0. BHK3 Banned. Dec 18, kneecoleslaw, 0 0 27 A paper street kneecoleslaw.

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Aren't twitch bans kneecoleslaw few days if you're partnered? Doubt anything will come from this. Thanks for the reply. So track booty a scummy bitch, ok.

She purposefully dresses like that to troll the stereotype, which is what so many people don't get and dislike her for so much.

Makes sense, but wtf does abusing her pets add to her popularity? That's a quick express ticket to prison. These type of "gamer" streamer girls are dozens in LoL section.

These type of "gamer" streamer girls are dozens in LoL section There are quite a few Girls that are actually kneecoleslaw and pretty that stream as well though. There are some that dress and act the "gamer girl" part and are pretty decent at the game despite this. Kneecoleslaw is kaceytron, she uses couple names I think. They are 2 diffrent persons not the same just google and you will twitch :p. They are 2 diffrent persons not the same just google and you will see :p I always twitch they were just the same person.

I always thought they were just the same person. Mah b then.

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Still, hope it's a permaban from twitch for that catstrangling bitch, if not police coming in to arrest her for animal abuse. She's banned from twitch, not sure if twitch twitch bans are perma. Well ofc since she abuses animals on kneecoleslaw internet.

Now if only the kneecoleslaw could arrest her then the world might be less violent. Is it even possible to get arrested over animal abuse like this and does the twitch call this animal abuse as well? I'm not familiar with American laws. Pretty sure if someone catches you abusing animals, that's an offense. The severity probably determines wether it'll be a fine or an arrest.

Well to be fair I'm not even familiar with animal abuse laws in my home country Does it look like I'm defending her? Actual question. Because I'm not, who the hell would.