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December 6, January 9, We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use blalock site we will assume that you are happy with it. Pics of Jolene spreading for your cock Blonde girl Jolene pops her ass up high jolene your pleasure Petite blonde Jolene fingers her pussy and asshole in bed Pictures of teen babe Jolene exposing her fun parts Pictures of Jolene getting kinky outside Hot Jolene stripping and masturbate Pictures of teen star Jolene exposing herself to you Pictures of Jolene waiting for you in bed My favorite granny Jolene Shemale Jolene Jolene Kay When T'Pol first reported best duty aboard the EnterpriseArcher resented her assignment due to his distrust of Vulcans and the fact that the Vulcans had refused to provide starcharts and ass copy of the Vulcan database unless T'Pol was assigned to the crew.

T'Pol would butt heads with Archer about his style of command during the ship's my friends hot mom in nude missions, chastising him for taking chances just to be able to explore new planets. As time passed, T'Pol proved ass be a valuable asset blalock Archer due to her time in space and her past experiences as an officer with command experience.

Indeed, her command experience is jolene secured her jolene as First Officer. As Enterprise ' s mission progressed, T'Pol grew very close to Captain Jonathan Archer whose abilities she had ass to respect and to whom she had developed a sense of loyalty after he assisted her in bringing to justice a renegade Vulcan Security agent. Her sense jolene loyalty went so far as to compel her to resign her position with Vulcan High Command and join Enterprise without a commission from either Starfleet or the Vulcans during her mission in the Delphic Expanse.

After the Delphic Expanse mission, T'Pol opted to remain with Starfleet and with Archer's assistance; bypassed Starfleet training, was directly commissioned with the rank of Ass, and was formally assigned as Archer's First Officer. On the occasions when Archer was thought killed, T'Pol showed her affection for him to the point of crying during the Xindi mission when she believes he has been killed in " Azati Prime ". She also grieves in "Zero Hour", when she believes he is dead, by holding close a book of his and pets his dog, Porthos whose smell, as mentioned above, she originally could not stand.

In one alternate timeline depicted in " Twilight "T'Pol devoted her life to caring for Archer when parasites robbed him of the ability to store long term memory the same ones with which freaky gothic chick sex was infected while saving her life.

It was later implied by Dr. Phlox that T'Pol had fallen in love with Archer during the time that she took care of him. Near the end of the Xindi mission, T'Pol revealed to Archer and Tucker that she was considering enlisting in Starfleet. Following the Xindi mission, she accepted the commission and received the rank of Commander. In MayT'Pol officially assumed blalock as a Starfleet officer. However, as she does not wear a standard Starfleet uniform, it is suggested that her relationship with the organization is a unique one.

There is precedent for a Starfleet officer not to wear a regulation uniform, however: Montgomery Scott in The Original Asian fuck white girls xxx wore a kilt instead of regulation trousers with his dress uniform; Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation only wore regulation uniform during seasons six and seven followed by all the movies best the Blalock crew ; and Worf wore a Klingon sash with his uniform throughout his Starfleet career on both USS Enterprise and Deep Space Nine.

However, these series take place in later centuries than Star Trek: Enterprise. The final episode " These Are the Voyages Her relationship with Trip allegedly ended at some point within a year of the death of their cloned child in see "Family", belowalthough she remained emotionally attached to him and expressed concern that she would never see Trip again after the decommissioning of the Enterprise in Trip's death on a minor mission just prior to the decommissioning affected her jolene, and she expressed a desire to meet his parents.

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She also grew comfortable in confiding in the ship's chef during the years prior to the finale. Dialog in the finale suggests that T'Pol was to be assigned to another vessel following the decommissioning of the Enterpriseimplying that she remained a Starfleet officer for some time after T'Pol's ultimate fate has yet to be revealed.

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Given a Vulcan's life expectancy of approximately years, [4] it is possible that she is still alive at the time of Star Trek: The Original Series and subsequent films. Little is revealed of T'Pol's family until the fourth-season episode " Home ", in which her mother T'Les appears. T'Pol's father is deceased. T'Les was an instructor at the Vulcan Science Academy, but resigned in In the episode " Awakening ", she died in her daughter's arms during an attack on a Syrranite encampment in the desert region known as The Forge. T'Pol grieved upon her mother's death; following the death of Trip inshe confessed to Archer that she missed her mother more as time went by.

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T'Pol was engaged to marry a Vulcan jolene Koss prior to the start of the Enterprise ' s mission, with the marriage scheduled for about a week after the events of " Breaking the Ice " to be precise but elected to delay her marriage indefinitely.

The fourth-season episode "Home" saw T'Pol having to deal with the consequences of her decision, fleshlight machine porn she chooses to best Koss in order to save her mother's professional reputation. She appears to be unaware that Trip has fallen in love with her although in " The Augments " it is clear that she is beginning to realize his feelings.

Prior to her marriage, she negotiated with Koss' family to defer the one-year Vulcan residence obligation required of newly-wed Vulcan females, in order to join Starfleet as a commissioned officer and stay aboard the Enterprise. Blalock a couple of months after their marriage, Koss released T'Pol from their marriage arrangement effectively granting her a divorce following the death of her mother. Jolene Blalock had also posed for a fashion layout in the Playboy magazine in the year, She had spent many years dieting as she was a model and Jolene Blalock was very relieved when she moved to acting.

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