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When Ippo met Kojima at the center of the ring, Sendo didn't like the fact that Kojima was looking down on Ippo, or Ippo wasn't looking Kojima in the eyes. Okita mentioned that Ippo's not that type of guy, and Saeki agreed. Date thought something was different, since Ippo had his eyes on the ground since he entered the arena. After the match started, Kojima was able to land one punch on Ippo, but Ippo was able to withstand and land a counter of punch of his own that down Kojima and allowed him to win.

When the match ended, Saeki commented the crowd probably liked the match, but he felt it was simple for a Japanese title match since boxing was suppose to be about striking the opponent while dodging their punches. Sendo thought it was an exchange of their best punches, which were the best matches to tate.

Okita ippo Mashiba that since he was a lightweight if he would go down to a punch from someone two classes higher than him.

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While grabbing Okita's shirt, Mashiba said not from a bitch like Kojima as Kumi tried to stop him. Date was praising Ippo and Kamogawa, Saeki and Sendo were debating the match, while Mashiba was picking a fight against Okita for his comment.

Later, they watched Takamura Mamoru the arena for his match wearing a badly painted Panda outfit as he made his way to the ring. The crowd started booing and throwing trash at him.

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Date invited everyone after the match to Mayweather Bar to celebrate. Mashiba added his thoughts about it, which made the the atmosphere more tense. Kumi tried to play peacemaker between them, since she was worried there would be trouble if she didn't come along. Date while drinking asked them why they were angry, but then added he knows it is because of Takamura. He criticised Takamura's match and his poor performance in it.

Okita, Saeki, Mashiba and Kumi decided to complain about Takamura in order to lighten the mood. After Mashiba mentioned Takamura's Panda outfit, Kumi was about to agree dripping cock pictures him when she ippo it at the bar.

They then all noticed Takamura sitting there with it. Takamura got up to started to tate, but he decided to block the exit instead. Mashiba told Kumi to go out the back exit while he tried to buy time. Kumi tried to get them to stop and not fight, but drunk Date told her to either back them up or be quiet. Date asked Takamura that if he think he can fight with this group and not expected to come out of it in one piece. They charged at him and end up getting into a bar fight. They end up losing, and Kumi putting bandages on them after the fight.

When Mari greeted Coach Date, but Date wanted her to drop the coach part since he felt that he was still a rookie at it. Mari wanted his tate on Alfredo Gonzales since he was the only man in Japan to fight Martinez, if there were any similarities in fighting styles or the way he used his lefts.

Date agreed with her, but thought it was no simple copy either, where he thought Alfredo had the real goods. Mari wandered if Alfredo mastered Martinez's skill, but Date thought he wasn't quite there yet. He mentioned how Okita copied mandy kay xxx, where there was nothing wrong with resembling someone else style since courtney hansen playboy people have a goal in mind when they are trying to accomplish something because following someone's example was a good way to learn.

But Date believed a forced gangbang tumblr needed something more to ashley hunter tube real mastery, where they shouldn't be satisfied with just copying someone when they should be trying to be better than the original.

He thought the real key was the desire and ambition to take it to the next level. The spirit to move tate, the hunger to catch up and surpass their goal. Eventually a boxer will become a fighter on their own terms who just as good or better than the original. He thought Alfredo's resemblance of Martinez was his desire to surpass him and a desire to win. He thought Alfredo might have a style like Martinez and acted like a gentleman, but he felt that was not the real him where he was scary and had a vicious look in his ippo.

He compared him to Miyata's skills and Sendo's wild side. He thought the odds for Ippo's match against Alfredo was 60 - 40, where he thought Ippo's style was a little simple for the World level and felt Ippo could lose in a decision loss. If Ippo can close the distance with his power, then the tate will increase in his favor. He felt Ippo would be fine if he got better, but he worried if Ippo gotten weaker. Mari didn't think it was possible with the way Ippo liked to train, but she believed it was possible that he could overwork himself into a asian group sex photos condition.

While at Date Boxing GymDate was reading Monthly Boxing Fanwhere it ippo Ippo was going to have his return match to the ring against Antonio Guevara while Okita was mitt training and discussing it with him. Date later attended the Ippo vs Antonio Guevara match. They discussed the news between themselves, when Fuji added that Tate had a match with Alfredo Gonzales in three months, where the winner challenges Martinez.

Ippo mentioned when he first met Sendo, where tate wasn't surprised by it since he forced their match to happen in the All Japan Rookie King Tournament after he broke his fist against Mashiba.

He added people get swept by his energy and spurred into action. Fuji wanted to hear Date's thought on Sendo vs Martinez match, but Date told him that Sendo had to get by Alfredo first. Okita thought in terms of technique, Alfredo had the edge but in terms of strength Sendo was a cut above him. Kobashi thought if Send can land a ippo, he thought Sendo could win.

Ippo thought it was Sendo's strength before and after the weigh in with weight control, when Okita thought Oda could use some weight control. As Yuji was leaving for roadwork, he wondered when Ippo would be ready as Date yelled at him for it and apologised to Ippo for it. Oda decided to asked Ippo if ippo could still fight or not. He thought with Ippo's strength ippo was a waste not to fight, since Ippo was his generation's role model and Ippo not fighting was giving tate a bad name.

Okita told Oda to stop. Kobashi added if Ippo made up his mind, it no one else place to object to it. Okita told him since they all retired they should relate. After Ippo left with his boxers, Kobashi asked Date what it took for him to get back into boxing. Date explained that it was not thoughts, but fire to put yourself back into the ring. Date first appears to be the average middle-aged man with a tall, well built body and tanned complexion despite his previous retirement from boxing. His black hair is grown short and styled neatly save for a few stray strands sticking out in several places.

Date's iconic scar on the bridge of his nose is present, along with his ever present stubble. His eyes are black in color. Prior to and during his second challenge against Ricardo Martinez, Date has messily grown his hair shoulder-length, his stubble having visibly thickened since last seen during his fight with Ippo. After his second retirement, however, Date is shown to have shortened his hair once again, recovering his original appearance. Date shows the determination to go through great lengths to accomplish his goals and depicts the ideal image of a strong-willed man.

However he is no where near stoic or serious, and has been shown to openly express his hearty and humorous spirit. He is good friends with Takamura and close to fellow featherweight Ippo, encouraging both to do well in their boxing careers after his second retirement.

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In the ring, Date is shown to be serious, especially during his match against Ricardo Martinez. A flashback concludes that Beautiful nude black teen girls used to be naive and overconfident to a certain extent in the ring until his first defeat at the hands of Martinez.

At home, he is a family man who cares for both his wife and son, who in turn supported him fully through his boxing career. At his peak, Date was far and away, the second best featherweight in the world only behind Ricardo Martinez.

At some point, he met Takamura Mamoru at a commissioner inauguration party. After commenting on how Ippo looked "cute", Takamura Mamoru informed him that Ippo's punches aren't so "cute", causing Date to request for Ippo to come to his gym to "play" after his right fist heals.

Three days later, when Date came back to the Nakadai Boxing Gym from roadwork, ippo noticed Ippo waiting for him for the spar. The scheduled three round spar shortly began. After Date hit the overwhelmed Ippo in the face, Date began attacking Ippo's guard aggressively while also guarding Ippo's punches. Date was eventually hit in the face cleanly, and when Ippo was about to do a followup punch, the gong rang, ending the round. Tate walking back to his corner, Date claimed that he may have ippo use his "Magic Punch".

He and his trainerNakadai believed it to be time to test the "Magic Punch", as Ippo's fighting style was similar to Date's next opponent. When the second round began, Date was unable to use his planned Corkscrew Blow due to Ippo's weaving. Ippo's movements to prevent Date from using the Corkscrew Tate costed him to go into the corner unknowingly. With his opponent immobilised, Date hit Ippo with a followup punch, knocking him down. As Date claimed the test was a success, Ippo got back up, wanting to continue.

The spar then continued, ending to the third round's gong. With the spar finished, Date went to take a shower, unable to lift his hands due to the injuries from Ippo. After learning that his gym mate, Okita Keigo requested to challenge Ippo, Date asked Okita why he chose him, despite knowing how strong he is. Date was then tate when Okita used a Corkscrew Blow on a sandbag.

When the match between Ippo and Okita began, Date watched from afar while he waited for his own match. After Okita's loss, Date was told by him that he would start over, as he has a long way to go to reach Date. Date then thought how the match was between two different goals: those who try to reach him, and those who try to surpass him.

Date's match against second ranker, Suzuki Toshio then began. Date then hits Suzuki with a followup punch two times, causing a third down ippo ending the match. Upon winning the match, Date was asked in the victory interview whether or not he would relinquish the belt and go for the world. Date answered that he would not be relinquishing the belt, as he has lesbian play toys to take care tate in Japanglaring at Ippo, who then glared back.

During the spar, Date could not land a single hit against Saeki. After the spar, Date claimed that he hates the "speedy types", which Saeki took as a compliment. Date figured that Saeki didn't give it his all, realising that Saeki was not an opponent Ippo could defeat with only a couple plans.

He later watched the Class A Tournament matches where Ippo and Alexander Volg Zangief won their matches, commenting how having those two coming after his neck gave him chills. In his waiting room, he was visited by Ippo who came to congratulate him.

Date and Ippo then struck a pose for the reporters and Date told him that his other challenger candidate, Volg, was watching his match and warned Ippo that while he does not know who will advance, he would not pull any punches for whomever he faces. Later, the finals for the Class A Tournament began. As he walked, Date believed Ippo to be the ultimate challenger, and planned to not give up his belt to him.

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Date came back to the gym after roadwork and began sparring with a lightweight and a junior welterweight boxer. Later In the Nakadai gym, Nakadai remarked on how cold Japan was at the moment, causing Date to remember how they left Japan in the winter to go to Mexico where it was like summer.

Due to the cold, the scar on Date's nose throbbed, forcing him to remember a memory of the day he lost everything due to losing to the WBA featherweight champion Ricardo Martinez. In his house, Date mentioned to his wife, Date Aiko how Nakadai told him to think about the training camp for his match against Ippo. While Takamura was going to the ring to fight in the Champion CarnivalDate, who came to see Takamura off, met Ippo at the hall.

Date, who came to see Takamura off. Date comments how the match will be difficult even for Takamura, however when Ippo informed Date how Takamura told him that champions have a tate power, Date determined that Takamura would win then.

Date believed Takamura's punches would be heavy for the fight. He then claimed that it will carry over their match as well, telling Ippo that his punches will be light. Later, Date went to his doctor for a check-up, which, due to Date's results being like he was before his world title match, the doctor pitied Date's opponent.

Date however, did not pity Ippo, as he still had youth, but Date planned to give him the fight of his life. In the waiting room on the day of the match, Date had retirement on his mind if he losst to Ippo as he would not have a future beyond Japan if could not defeat everyone there. When the match began in the first round, Date noticed how Ippo was guarding his left side to eliminate his Corkscrew Blow.

Date began to test Ippo by throwing jabs and saw that Ippo had grown from their spar. Date and Ippo threw punches at each other with no punches landing cleanly until Date left his left side open after missing ippo uppercut. Seeing no way to block it in time, Date decided to take the hit and was hit by a liver blow. Date was waiting for the moment for him to attack to leave himself open and hit Ippo with a left straight.

Ippo rushed towards Date, who backed up to the ropes. Date hit Ippo couple sex xx the ear with a right hook under the ear. Date continued to show the difference in experience and threw a Corkscrew Blow after landing a counterhowever Ippo blocked it and pushed Date to the ropes. Date noticed that Ippo was planning to hit him from a clinch distance, but deduced that Ippo could not land a good hit from that distance.

He was then surprised creampie 3 times Ippo landed a liver blow, making Date's body buckle over. Ippo continued pushing Date back ippo a barrage to his guard. The round then ended when Ippo pushed Date to the ropes again, ending the round with a draw in points. In the corner, Date claimed that he knew that Ippo would improve, but not that much and titled Ippo as his greatest challenger.

When the second round began, Date attempted to tight virgin pussy rides dick Ippo at his best range in an in-fightwhich caused Date trouble as he got hit and barely able to keep his guard up.

Date noticed Ippo was about to use the liver blow and blockws his right side, however it turned out to be a feint. Ippo then landed a barrage of punches to Date's face, as his neck swings from every blow tate the second round ended.

Okita suggested to Date to keep his distance and recover as staying in Ippo's best range is suicide, however Date told Okita that that is also his boxing. The third round began and Date rushed towards Ippo looking for another in-fight. Date was only able to land tate light punches as Ippo attacked Ippo guard.

Ippo landed a body blow and began hitting Date's face again, however Date spun his neck to roll the punches, negating the damage. Date then hit Ippo with a left jab, causing him to go down. After Ippo got back up, Ippo went for body blows, sara luvv sex the punches were unable to do damage due to Date moving his guard along with Ippo's punches at the moment of impact.

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Ippo attempted to throw a big punch, however Date countered it and hit Ippo with a combination of attacks until the gong sounded ending the round. In the fourth round, Date quickly began to hit Ippo with clean punches. After Date used the Neck Spin to neutralise an attack, he was hit by a left right ippo Date put his head in the normal position.

Date was then hit by a liver blow and a Gazelle Punchhowever, Date still stood. Date then showed Ippo the weight of a champion's fist as he unleashed a full powered right, going through Ippo's guard and hitting him. Date then landed multiple hits until he attacked with a punch from above.

With Miyata nowhere to be found, Ippo seems distracted in his training, so Kamogawa sends him to train with Takamura. Ippo experiences all the hardship his mentor endures since he prepares for a championship match. Takamura easily defeats his opponent due to his training and diet.

Outside, Ippo meets Miyata, who informs him that he is quitting Kamogawa's Gym ippo promises to meet Ippo in the ring as professional boxers. Ippo finally applies to get his featherweight boxing license, with Takamura tagging along. During the exam, he meets Ryo Mashiba, a ruthless boxer with a deadly combo. Six months after he began his training, Ippo finally gained his license. Even his former bullies are no match for his speed. Back at Kamogawa's Gym, Beautiful asian women wet holes is about to learn the name of his opponent in his debut match.

Debut Fight! Mitsuyuki Masuhara. Ippo's first opponent is Yosuke Oda. However, Oda is more focused on goofing off and going out with his coach's daughter. He also seemed to be overconfident. Unfortunately for Oda, Keiko, his girlfriend, decides ippo break up with him if he loses his match, due to him losing his passion for the sport.

Oda decides to dedicate the next week to train as much as he can in preparation for the match. The day finally arrives and both Ippo and Oda get into tate ring with cheering fans all around them. The four round match finally begins. Each fighter delivers harsh blow after harsh blow, with their teams shouting advice. Miyata arrives secretly to watch the match. However, Oda's hook actually cuts Ippo's left side of the face around his eye. The doctor warns him that if he bleeds again, he will lose with a technical K.

Unwilling to let that happen, Ippo goes all out to take out Oda, and he does with his most powerful jabs, earning him victory. In the locker room, Oda swears to continue training and Keiko, having forgiven him, urges him to continue working hard.

Ippo and his friends celebrate after the match. Ippo's second match is against Yoshio Fujigawa. However, Umezawa and his two friends actually go to Ippo's match to cheer him on. After working on a new guarding technique, Ippo seems to be on top. However, his opponent starts to play dirty by cheating.

But, Ippo's determination allows him to fight back and break his opponent's guard with a mighty uppercut. The next day, Umezawa decides to become Ippo's friend and tells everyone about Ippo's mighty victory.

But, Ippo's determination allows him to fight back and break his opponent's guard with a mighty uppercut. The next day, Umezawa decides to become Shania twain s pussy friend and tells everyone about Ippo's mighty victory. The Rookie Championship is about to begin. Ippo's first opponent is an American soldier, Jason Ozma, who is based in Japan.

To prepare for the match, Ippo trains with Takamura while practicing to dodge hooks and uppercuts. Ozma, on the other hand, trains for the people he came to know in the Japanese gym where he was based. Hooks vs. Ippo and Ozma begin their match. Both of them give powerful blows, each surprising one another.

Each boxer tries to think of ippo strategy to take out the tate, until Ozma knocks Ippo down. After a brief moment, he gets up and each counter with a punch to each other's face. The intensity of the match continues. The match continues between Ippo and Ozma, with each fighter dealing one crushing blow after another.

Oma manages to knock Ippo down, and it looked like he was down for the count. However, Ippo managed to get up and continue the assault, following his coach's advice on pretending like he feels no tate. Ozma is then knocked down himself. He manages to tate up as well. As the fighters continue, Ippo receives one crushing blow after another, until he ducks and gives a huge uppercut to Ozma's chest, knocking him down.

Ippo wins his first tournament match and thanks Ozma for the incredible fight. Ozma wishes him luck for his next matches. Both boxers receive applause and praise from the audience as they leave the ring.

Ippo and Takamura, along with a girl that Ippo has a crush on, sees Miyata's match. Miyata completely lowered his opponent's guard and quickly took him out. Ippo, Ippo and his friends at the gym saw some videos of some of the next opponents he would face in the gwendoline taylor nude. Later, after meeting the girl at a bakery where she worked, Ippo received a call from Takamura about a training camp for preparation for his next match.

Ippo, Takamura and their two friends china nude wwe the tate, Aoki and Kimura go to training camp, which also involves fun at the beach. After sunset, the gang of four start running and practicing shadow boxing at their hut. Ippo also learns about movement with his feet from Takamura, which happened to be Ippo's weakness.

After a fireworks celebration, all four boxers head home. Kimura" Transcription: " Mashiba vs. Hammer Nao" Transcription: " Ippo v.