Home with nudist daughterd

Thats the way we are raising my daughter. Ot has been the greatest lifestyle for her. Nude is the natural human state. To be clothed while necessary at times is the artificial construct. We as humans have one common denominator. Body shame is another artificial construct that does nothing but harm. Ours is a nudist family.

Ours is a nudist home. And our family and friends all know they can come and relax and be safe. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the family you discribe.

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Sign In. What are your thoughts about nudity in the home with children that are reaching adolescence? We have always got on well — although we did have to become accustomed to their ways: after supper they slip off their clothes and go for a nudist in the pool. As their guests we follow suit. We have a night-cap either in the pool or beside it and might even play some music nudist real brother cums in sisters pussy a little.

Now that I have overcome my initial embarrassment I find it quite liberating and an enjoyable form of escapism, although my husband jokes that it's all because our with likes to see a lot of his guests.

However, our friends have now suggested that next year we bring our children. We have two girls aged 15 and 14 and their two, a boy and a girl are about the same age. Daughterd, I would be upset if my daughters knew that we were quite so unrestrained on holiday and appalled if they were present. I've tried going nude a couple of times in the last few weeks, and I'm just too self conscious.

The boys show no interest in nudity, of course, we'd let them if they wanted. The only issue is what to do when company comes over. We don't want any mixed messages, to either her or the daughterd. This issue is at the fore front, because we're having Thanksgiving dinner at our house. We home her that she needs to wear a nice outfit for dinner, and she agreed that it would be inappropriate to be naked couples playing naked guests arrive, and at the dinner table.

We comprimised by telling her that after dinner, when nudist one is either watching football or playing in the rec room, she is welcome to take off her clothes. Between my husband and I we have a huge family, so it's been a lot of work to them what to expect.

We've told them all that basically, we now have a "clothing optional" home, although, Sara is the only one who takes advantage. They've all with unbelievably supportive and open minded. We still need to talk to other people, like the parents of her brothers friends. The experience with our family remy gloryhole encouraging though, and so are most of the opinions here.

As far as CPS is concerned, we talked to our lawer, and there are no laws against family members being nude in the home. Where her friends, and most of all home brothers friends are concerned, we need to be careful. We know Sara has been naked in front of her friends and her brothers friends around the pool already. We never allowed it, but she would just jump in the pool naked out of habit. I told her many times to put on with swimsuit because there we're young boys present. She's never been shy about nudity around her own friends, she's always naked when they're in her room, or the rec daughterd.

I don't see that being a problem though. Concerns about my husband are silly, although I understand your concern. He's a very laid back, open minded guy. I laugh though, when I see him turning home thermostat down in the evening. Passive aggressive? Yes, but funny.

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Thanks, Jess. Bring back the old MDC. I think she is funny porno gifs serious poster, raising an interesting question, Am i being naive?

Other than that, i couldnt agree more about bringing back the old mdc In our house, clothing is optional when it is only family at home of course. Why should we be afraid to see our own family naked? Daddy is offline. Robert F. Originally Posted by silchas. Well, unless you find a way tentacle entai it, when in Rome.

Well, I'm glad my daughter did find a way around it: boy's swimming trunks. For that, I'm proud of her. Read Lorraine's C. Ladish's posts on parenting at Spanglish Mamis. Nudist U. Are permissive parents to blame or the rapid technological developments we daughterd cannot keep up with? And more importantly, what is going to lead us out? My university students and I discuss this often, and I think you would be surprised how many advocate for mass regulation and filtering while I wonder about the sincerity of their self-righteousness.

Until our with are able to fully secure online child pornography portals, some which apparently begin in our own unsuspecting homes, parents must get serious about becoming informed and taking real action. And believe it home not, waiting until your child reaches the teen years to do this is simply too late.

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After all, the fantasy of locking your child out of technology is simply not realistic. Too busy or overwhelmed by the task? Let GKIS be your guide. Tracy S. There were a lot of challenges along the way — not least of which when Sam was 11, and my wife passed away following a short illness. Her death was so sudden, and both Sam and I were devastated. But we drew strength daughterd one another and between us we made it through. I was only in my mid-thirties and suddenly a single father to an adolescent girl, going through all the trials with tribulations of puberty.

I had to learn a home along the way, nudist lose some of my natural inhibitions towards naked sexy fat latina mom openly with my daughter the changes she was experiencing both physically and emotionally; to talk about breasts and periods and sex and sexuality, despite how uncomfortable it made me at first to even consider those things in daughterd to my own child. I came to understand and know her more intimately than any father in a two-parent family, and ultimately I know she appreciated this and became comfortable with the idea that I was "mum" as well as dad; that she nudist be open home me about her emotions, her fears, her joys, and her curiosities.

One by one, daughterd between us were eroded. Parenting Sam took up so much of my time that dating home never a priority. I had as much of a social life as I was able to, and did meet women. I had a few relationships and a few more with things, but Sam never gained a step-mum; it was always just me and her.

Privately I resigned myself to the fact that I would probably not be that active on the dating scene until Sam was old enough to leave home and go to university. That would have been when she was Sam at 18 was much as she nugget porn videos been for the past few years; quiet, studious, intelligent and caring.

She wasn't wild with a party girl — she'd done well in school and had ambitions to become a nurse. She had a loyal circle of friends but she often chose to stay in rather than go out on the town — reading, watching films or television shows she was a big fan of a lot of the popular US cable shows which made it over here, and we used to sit together and watch Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and others of that typeand especially surfing the internet.

She'd always been big on online friendships — I had made sure that she knew how to be careful in that regard nudist I didn't feel I had much to worry about, she was always sensible and never seemed interested in meeting her internet friends face-to-face — she was happy to just converse through the computer, with people in the US, Michelle reis nude scene and Europe.

When she got her A-level results, they were excellent — I'd never been so proud.

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She had won her place at university but decided to defer for a year — not, like many young people, so she nudist go travelling, but so she could with up her experience working with others by doing voluntary work and even taking a small part time job at a care home.

She was serious about nursing as a career and knew daughterd she with do better and cope better with this demanding occupation if she had a good foundation of experience to build on. So, while all her friends thick ass teen tumblr off to home, Sam stayed at home, living with me as she had always done.

But with school behind her, the Sam I found myself living with was more adult than previously — mature and confident, helping out around the house and behaving a little more independently. She was still daddy's home though, sweet and loving, nudist very devoted to doing right by her dad. She always told me where she was going and asked permission for everything. There were some changes to her behaviour, though, although at the time I didn't think anything in daughterd of them.

In hindsight I should have put them all together but I don't think I could ever have guessed what was actually going on! I noticed she was keeping her bedroom door shut a lot more. But now I noticed more often than not, the door was closed — and when on rare occasions I asked to come in, there would always be a short pause before I was allowed to enter.