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Another day, another case of girls being punished for having bodies via truly awful, unfair dress guidelines. The latest case comes from Alaska, where last Friday, a teen girl and top-ranked swimmer at Diamond High School in Anchorage found out she was disqualified from the meter freestyle competition AFTER she had already swam to victory. Officials ruled that her bathing suit showed too much of her butt, the Washington Post reports. If you're thinking, how is that even possible? If her bathing suit was too revealing, why let her swim in the first place?

Well, the reason for the disqualification gets even more absurd. According to the WaPo article, year-old Breckynn Willis was wearing a school-issued swimsuit like everyone else, yet was the only one to be issued a violation.

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In an interview with the Anchorage Daily News, Annette Rohde, one of the officials during the meet, said she had spoken with the ref about the reason for the disqualification. In other words, the teen had a wedgie, which anyone who has ever worn a one-piece has likely experienced. In an essay for MediumLauren Langford, a swim coach at another high school in the area, thoroughly criticized the ref's decision. Lauren had coached the teen and her sister, Dreamer Kowatch, a sophomore, and also a competitive swimmer at Diamond High School, when they were swimsuit.

Posting a side-by-side of a graphic illustrating appropriate suit coverage for male and female athletes from the Alaska School Activities Association, and a photo of the school-issued swimsuits, she argued that even before they were worn, the swimsuits never complied with the modesty standards, making it more unfair that the teen was punished. Lauren believes Breckynn was really disqualified hot teacher and student porngif being nonwhite and having a curvy body, and it's something Dreamer had experienced as well.

They are being targeted not because girls are wearing their suits to be scandalous, thus inspiring immorality among other young people, but rather school their ample hips, tiny waists, full chests, and dark high look different than their willowy, thin and mostly pallid teammates. Some will argue this has nothing to do with race, but when the same officials targeting these girls have been heard saying that so-and-so white girl also shows too much skin but has never been disqualified for a similar violation the racial facet of this issue cannot be ignored.

Her essay also revealed that this isn't the first time Breckynn had been targeted for her body. Lauren said that last season, a team parent took pics of the girl's backside without her knowledge or consent, and shared the images with others in an email to show that the girl's attire was "immoral. For girls, the swimsuits should cover buttocks and breasts.

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