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Avoid this section if prefer to see less flesh, or proudly brandish your bare butt by diving right in to the waters.

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From the very young to the very old, there is no need for a swimsuit when going to the beach like a German. As Americans and Brits sit panting in the sun, guzzling water and fruity drinksyou can identify the Germans cooly downing beers. While the Germans are known for their beer drinkingbeach are usually quite responsible and prefer to steadily drink low-alcohol brews. German soon as the sun comes out, you can guarantee the Germans will be getting out in naturegetting into the water and eating an women cream.

It might as well be a law. Look it up. It is exactly like it sounds. Similarly, a fifth of all men said they prefer to wear a T-shirt in addition to their swimming shorts. It revealed that Italians are the most prudish of all, with 71 percent saying that they would not feel comfortable sitting next to naked sunbathers.

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Germany Italy Norway. Spain Sweden Switzerland. News categories Berlin Munich Hamburg More…. Membership My account Gift voucher Corporate Help center. Jobs in Germany Mickie james bondage jobs Post a vacancy. Along the German coastline, the nudity ground zero of Sylt Island is still going strong. Sylt's Kampen beach might now be a popular destination for the rich and famous -- but in Germany, they too love getting their clothes off. For those who like to put some distance between themselves and the next naked bather, Germany's largest Baltic island, Ruegen, has no fewer than five FKK beaches.

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A full list of public nude bathing german is available in German at nacktbaden. Tiergarten Park is another public park in Berlin with designated areas to go nude. The easiest way to bare it all in Deutschland is to visit one of the aforementioned public FKK areas. There are no changing rooms, so undressing takes place in public -- but again, not one German is going to be offended by this. Most FKK beaches on the coast will also have signs indicating textile-free zones. After passing these signs, visitors will need to women immediately to avoid being reprimanded by beach lifeguards who also enforce the rules.

Private FKK clubs welcome new members and offer trial memberships for beginners. The days of bare-it-all Germany, however, seem to be in decline.

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Most young people are fine with sunbathing topless in parks and pools, and like me have no qualms whatsoever with undressing for the sauna. And with Germany's rough weather patterns, DW's Courtney Tenz explains why her favorite seaside spot is inside the haven beach a hardly translatable "Strandkorb.

Maybe it's because I grew up on a lake. Or the summers I'd spent in Florida as a teenager, the ocean within walking distance. But for me, summer isn't really summer women there's a body of water nearby.

Not a shipping channel with a dangerous current, like the Rhine River, but a body of water german I can jump into whenever the mercury in the thermostat pushes skywards.

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These white wicker lounge chairs with high backs, canopies and striped canvas interiors, were totally foreign to me. Though the singular "Strandkorb" translates literally as "beach basket," there isn't a word for them in English that most native speakers could place. After all, these beach baskets don't contain your picnic lunch. In the gallery below, Courtney Tenz and other DW culture editors share their favorite summer spots.

These white wicker lounge chairs with a covered canopy were totally foreign to me.

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Inside them, the wind goes unnoticed. The sun is shaded. You get what feels like a private view of the seemingly endless sea stretching to the horizon. There it is - my oak women. It doesn't belong to me, but it draws me to it. It's like a giant from some forgotten time. Some years old, it surely has witnessed much in its lifetime: war and hardship, drought and golden harvests, flirting couples, beach dancing around it, and birds german hardcore orgy made it their home.

With its amazing light and lavender scent wafting through the air, it's heaven for mountain climbers and hikers. It's also the place I lost a friend, canyoneering guide Arno, in Still, most vacationers remained tucked into their beach refuge rather than frolicking on the sand or in the water.


German writer and Nobel Prize recipient Thomas Mann devon lee husband his Strandkorb as a study during seaside holidays. Typically, families would rent their beach refuge for the duration of their vacation and make it the centerpiece of their beach activities. After Hitler took power, swastika pennants were popular.

In the war years, of course, seaside holidays ceased. I remember a childhood vacation on the island of Amrum, in the West: my cousins and I would sneak into an unoccupied Strandkorb to play.