Best positions to have car sex

HOT!!! 4 BEST POSITIONS FOR HAVING SEX IN A CAR - Making You Fell Extremely Happy!

The on-top thrustee needs decent amount of upper body strength, since they will be in a half-plank position. You know there's no room in that backseat. The person being penetrated can rest most of their weight sideways in a seat, while the penetrator stands outside of the open door. Call it T-boning! Bed of the truck? Sex in public is already a risk as it is. Try explaining that to an officer.

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This article was originally published on Oct 6, By Sheena Sharma. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy. Cosmo tip: Only attempt this in a fitting room with a door, so you can lock it. Department stores are best, since you can stake out a floor where the rooms are less trafficked and there isn't an attendant on duty.

Best sex position for this spot: The Lusty Leg Liftan advanced face-to-face standing position Cosmo tip: Try it in an older elevator that moves slowly or a freight that's used less often. If you can reciprocate, go for it; if your bodies don't line up quite right considering the lack of space, just enjoy all the best sex sensations. Push the front driver's side seat as far back as it can go, so that it resembles a car. Get on all fours and into the traditional doggy style position by kneeling on the ultimate surrender tag team, facing the back of the car.

It's tricky, but your partner can then maneuver behind you also in a kneeling position, says McDevitt, with their feet by the dashboard. You might also want to crack the window but only if you're have a super private place, of course, since you don't want to disturb anyone or get caught and arrested.

Well, everyone knows how it goes, right? All you got to do is find a flat surface in this case, the passenger seat and spread. Not the painful kind. Sex the satisfying kind. You can swear by positions every single time.

Can’t Get A Room? Here Are 18 Fun Sex Positions You Can Try In Your Car

Fold your body in half or the closest thing to it. The Seashell is a clutch car-sex position for this very reason—and the fact that you can have him "ride high," rubbing his pubic bone against your clit, or "ride low," directly stimulating your G-spot with the head of his penis.

He enters you from a missionary position. Okay, so, disclaimer: The Om is a tantric sex move, which involves more slow rocking than hard pounding.

1. Park in an isolated but safe area.

But it's kinda romantic, if that's your thing. If it is, Jack and Rose would be proud. Wrap your legs around him and hug each other for support. This lying-down position is great for backseats, since your bodies are basically intertwined with each other and your legs are bent, unlike in missionary. The bonus of lying down? No chance of banging your head on the car ceiling.

9 Car-Friendly Sex Positions For Getting It On In The Back Seat

That's the worst. Story from Sex Tips. In the movies, car sex always looks really hot.