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Greeneyedwolfking 1? Assassin's Creed Odyssey 1? Egypt 1? JZerosk 1? Report an ad? Name Password Create Account. I find the lack of Evie Frye Rule 34 disappointing…. I ship Evie Frye and Lucy Thorne.

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Anonymous : This is it, boss. Anonymous : for some reason when i saw this i thought it was the Anonymous : ive read all the Centaures comics but ive never seen Anonymous : note : pierre seron is the actual author of the Les Full artist list. Image Only - Ban. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Women NPCs look like goddamn children next her. It's like a Spartan from Halo suddenly got dropped into Ancient Greece.

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User Info: Raziel Raziel 1 year ago 3 She does fight for a living. User Info: kingbob kingbob 1 year ago 4 Rule 34 has never had it so good Spoilers above. User Info: Raziel Raziel 1 year ago 6 She doesn't. User Info: Exar Kun Exar Kun 1 year ago 10 Her skills and heritage already make her an outlier but somehow there's an issue with her also being a physical outlier? This game has just become tedious thanks to the level system.

She wears a creed crown, and there are big statues of her all over the place. When I first pitched up in her domain, she shouted at me from an ornamental rule dais that was a hundred meters or so away from assassins, set a load of magic soldiers at me, and disappeared.

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And my mistake was to assume that she was normal sized. Imagine my shock when I later encountered the witch goddess Hekate and stood next to her.

Because I pay so little attention to the overarching subplot, I had failed to notice that Isu are actually much bigger than your average Kassandra, who, as aforementioned, is much bigger than your average person.

Look at her! Persephone is the same! That song about being a giant woman from Steven Universe spontaneously started looping in my head!

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I am mesmerised! With a deep, raspy voice, short hair, baggy pants, and a love for electronics, you're probably sitting in front of the computer thinking "butch lesbian. Let's look at some of her emails Rebecca, to everyone Hey guys,I can't find my mp3 player- the little black one.


I have trouble sleeping without my tunes r3b3cca Shaun, to Rebecca Found it. Rebecca, to Shaun Thanks for the hand off earlier! Where was it? Shaun, to Rebecca My nightstand.

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They have sleeping bags on the floor; no one has a night stand. Shaun, to Rebecca I found some really good beats the other day. Rebecca, to Shaun Oh snap.